What is Evergreen Content? – #Wyse5 Video

What is Evergreen Content? – #Wyse5 Video

When it comes to creating different types of content for a business blog, the possibilities are endless. However, creating timeless content also known as evergreen content, is something all business blogger should aspire to do. Good evergreen material can be used over and over by the general public, creating a built-in guarantee of continuing hits.

In today's #WyseIn5 I will outline the importance of evergreen content and why business bloggers need to incorporate it into their content marketing strategy.

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Steve Toth, Content Marketing Manager at TechWyse and welcome
to today's "Wyse In 5."

Today, I'm going to be talking about blogging; more particular, business
blogging. So a lot of people already know that blogging is a great way to
produce content on your site to keep your site fresh, to help you relay to
the world everything that you know about your industry and your

A lot of people wonder though what can they blog about. They sit down at
the computer, and they're just not sure what to write. Well, we'll take a
step back and mention our blog, Rise to the Top at TechWyse, which we've
been writing since 2007, and on there we share a lot of current news in our
industry, and we also talk about ways to help business owners in their own
online marketing.

So when you sit down at the computer to blog, you may write about company
events, news in your industry Maybe you're having an anniversary or it's
somebody's birthday in the office. I think those are all okay things to
blog about, but they're not the things that are going to impact your
rankings and really help your site gain authority.

So instead I pose to you to think about the idea of evergreen content. In
case you haven't heard of this term, what evergreen content is, is content
that's always going to be relevant. It's not going to rely on a news story
to spike its traffic and then tail off over time. These are terms and
topics that are always going to have search volume, and what ends up
happening is since you always have that search volume you're going to
accrue links back to that result over time.

So evergreen content has numerous advantages over blogging about something
that's going to be in the news one day and then gone the next. You'll see
it in analytics. It'll spike and then it'll be gone. With evergreen content
again, you're going to have that go on over time.

A couple of things to think about. Even if your blog readers aren't
specifically your customers, I think that's okay. As long as you're
blogging about something that's relevant in your industry and maybe it's
not targeting your specific customer, it's still going to have that search
traffic, and people are going to find that through Google, through Bing,
Yahoo!, et cetera.

One great idea here is to write down questions that your customers are
asking you. So just do that for one week. Try that as a little experiment.
Write down every question a customer asks you and write a blog about it.
You'll find that if somebody's asking you a question either on the phone or
they're walking into your business, chances are people are asking that
question online. If you're there to provide that answer online, you're
going to get a lot of traffic as a result.

So the idea here is, of course, you write an article that's very
authoritative on the subject. Let's say, you're a dentist and you're
writing about whether it's good to have fluoride in the water and you get a
lot of links, and there's a lot of people searching about should there be
fluoride in water, should there not. Maybe you're a holistic dentist that
writes that there shouldn't be.

Then what ends up happening is your article becomes a reference point when
other people start to write about it on the web, and then you get a lot of
links pointing into your site and then that boosts your SEO. So even though
some of those people searching for that fluoride article aren't going to be
patients that sit down in your dental chair, they're still going to be very
valuable to you because they'll be linking to you.

What that'll do is drive up your site's overall rankings. So it's important
with your blog to take a step back, realize that it's not a sales page on
your website, but it's sort of has the potential to be this link generating
machine that exists off to the side of your page.

Really the best blogs are not the ones that are click through from your
home page and then your site visitors clicking through your home page into
your blog. The best blogs are the blogs that are found through search, and
those are the ones that get the most traffic and the most links over time.

So that's it for my little spiel on evergreen content and blogs. I hope you
enjoyed it. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the
comments. Thank you.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Ever since I started following ProBlogger and have purchased almost all of his eBooks, I have learned how important evergreen content is. So, now 95% of my posts are evergreen because he showed me how you can continue to gain traffic on a post that is a year old if it’s evergreen and SEO’d well.

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    Trending news is great for short term traffic, but evergreen content is where it is at.
    My general advice to anyone looking to establish a content-rich website is to build it up with evergreen content first, and then work on the trending content to get in the short term traffic.
    A good combination of the 2 will definitely help your long term traffic.

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    I think if people stop chasing trends and prefer information that is relevant today as it was yesterday, and will be relevant tomorrow, I think bloggers will also follow suit soon.
    Till then bloggers will also look for trending news over which they base their posts.

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    This is so true. Many articles that are for today’s news, become tomorrows archives. However, green articles, get looked upon more in the long run. I like the fact that if you become the go – to person, in the end you end up with more relevant traffic than just the today crowd.

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