7 Awesome Ways to Generate Blog Ideas through the Magic of Pinterest

7 Awesome Ways to Generate Blog Ideas through the Magic of Pinterest

Let’s be honest here – Pinterest is exploding and the buzz that surrounds it is super contagious. Pinterest, a content curious site that acts as virtual scrapbook, is giving bloggers and businesses a marketing advantage. The opportunities for people to expand their reach, increase web traffic and promote brand awareness have made the social media platform the third largest network.

Most importantly though, Pinterest is an opportunity to market indirectly by building loyalty, trust and engagement and drives more referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. Be inspired, get connected and find creative ways to grow your business, outreach articles and network.

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1. Create a Blog Think Tank

Because Pinterest acts as an online pin board, it allows you to create separate boards to document your blog post ideas – without using up oodles of computer space or scribbling notes on bits of paper. Once these boards are created, you can access them from anywhere (providing there is internet).

Pinterest boards allow a public and private options and these can be shared with anyone via email. Secret boards are a fantastic idea for organisations that want to use them as placeholder internally for images, quotes and videos to blog about in the future. You can even create a “potential guest bloggers board” or a board for team meetings to generate ideas.

2. Dive Deep into New Content Inspiration

Easily one of the biggest perks of Pinterest is the depth of content inspiration it gives you as a blogger, marketing professional or business owner. Pinterest is a gold mine for ideas – whether it’s for single post or a string of articles that will interest your audience and industry.

Pinterest offers many ways to be creatively inspired, through photos you can use on article, topic suggestions and marketing gaps in the industry you could be filling. The platform is keyword search-friendly so check your associated keywords to discover ‘pins’ around the focus of your blog or niche. By using the search box, you can enter keywords and find reoccurring themes and high pin-rates that’ll get those creative juices flowing – add those topics to your content calendar. There’s likely to be a variety of images, infographics and videos that’ll get your blog audience talking too, and these can be the perfect source for new blog posts.

3. Search Popular Pins and Focus on Trending Topics

Writing articles that relate to the Pinterest’s most popular pins, categories and trending topics will get your content directly in front of the right people. Pinterest boards are curated by real people (no, not robots) and it’s these breathing beings that can help drive traffic to your website.

According to Pinerly – Pinterest’s newest analytics tool – pins that feature trending topics see a 94% increase in click-through-rates. Thus, it’s absolutely crucial you incorporate trending topics into board titles or as keywords within captions and descriptions to fully utilise this tool. Blog posts can then be pitched in relation to these trends, popular pins and general sentiments felt by the community.

4. Create Boards that Promote Networking and Recognition

It’s important you don’t just get caught up in the creative fun you can through ‘pinning’ and take your boards a step further. Develop relationships with the people in your industry – this can be ideal for outreaching guest blog opportunities and to get your content out there and shareable.

Use Pinterest to find and engage with online influences, follow them, re-pin relevant content and comment on their pins. Search for shareable photos to post to your own articles and give full credit to the original pinning. By linking back to their board and giving them recognition, you have your foot in the door to start communicating with them. Once you get on their radar, you have the potential to get your content in front of them – this can lead to a surge in traffic and exposure to your own blog.

5. Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

By ensuring your website is Pinterest friendly you’re opening up the door of networking and recognition both ways. For every article you post on your blog, feature an image that can be ‘pinnable’ by readers with the ‘pin-it’ button. Ultimately this support link-building efforts and strengthens your brand by promoting the topics you write about. Additionally, make sure you add the “follow on Pinterest” icon to your website too further grow your Pinterest audience.

6. Use Pinterest’s Latest Tool - “Article Pins”

Article pins is the best way to promote your blog posts because they share more data than the regular ‘pin-it’ button. Similar to Pinterest’s Rich Pins (product pins, lifestyle pins etc), article pins automatically include additional information like the headline, author, story summary and link. Furthermore, they can even include your company logo and by-line image. In terms of driving traffic to your website, these pins will add an incredible boost and is the perfect development for publishers, bloggers and marketers.

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    Hi Jayde,
    Let me be real here, in as much as Pinterest is among the elites as far as social media is concern, deriving results from it is all about being active on it like how you just illustrated it through this post of yours.
    I found this shared on kingged.com

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    Hi Jayde, good inputs. But I always have a question regarding pinterest. How can you use it for a B2B company ? I can’t imagine myself posting pictures of my computer or from my office. It’s difficult to see how the community can engage with that.

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    Thanks for sharing your views to generate some good blogs,I do agree some time through images whole idea can be carved

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