Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog with These 4 Tips

The blogging industry is growing at an extremely quick rate and it’s more important than ever to keep readers coming back to your blog. Most niches are cluttered with many blogs of the same topic, so your readers can easily be directed to another blog. Chances are that if you’re not interested in your own content than your readers won’t be either.

If you want readers to keep coming back and referencing content delivered within your blog, than consider sticking to some guidelines. I’ve ran a few blogs over the years that have readers consistently coming back thanks to these four tips.

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Encourage Readers to Subscribe to RSS Feed and Social Network Fan pages

Readers shouldn’t be expected to visit your website to notice updates, that’s why a Facebook and Twitter fan page should be setup. Promptly after posting content to the site, remember to also leave an alert message on those social networking sites (this can be automated via a WordPress plug-in). When users are scrolling through Facebook and Twitter they may see a post on your website they enjoy.

Creating an RSS feed should be a very obvious method. People that love what they’re reading would probably love to stay up-to-date with your blog. Encourage readers to subscribe to your RSS and social network sites by placing widgets on the site’s sidebar. You may also leave a small “subscribe for more” note at the end of your posts. If you really are interested in grabbing a user’s attention, consider a pop-up subscription box.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Users love consistency and will come back to check for posts every so often.

Also, remember to post content at least once a week. Preferably you should post two-to-three times a week, but once a week at the minimum. This will allow alert users that you’re serious about keeping the blog up to date with flowing information.

Reply to Any Comments

If users are taking the time to comment on your blog’s content, than you should reply back with words of encouragement. Depending on the niche, these commenters will having questions. Answer them to the best of your ability.

Engaging with these readers allow you to establish relationships. Some will comment on the blog, or even through social networks. Those that take time to comment are much more likely to return to your blog in the future.

Remove Some Advertisements

Many new bloggers make the mistake of overpowering their blog with advertisements. It’s understandable to have around two to four advertisements, but don’t let them take away from the content.

What do I mean by that? A huge ad block in the middle of the page breaks up the article in to two sections. If your goal is to gain subscribers and have them keep coming back, we want minimal ads once the content begins.

If you follow those four tips, you should instantly see a rise in returning traffic. Good luck in your journey, make sure to let us know how these tips have helped.


Ryan St. Onge is a technology writer who loves bowling in his free time. Check out his blog Fantastic Laptop.

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    R.E. Danielson 


    I really like the idea of building social media pages for blogs. I tend to think of them as somewhat similar, and so this idea might have seemed redundant before. However, using the various sites as advertisements for a blog is great. It also makes it easier for readers to remember you when they are looking through their various websites, because you’ve built a presence for your site in more than one place. Great advice.

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    I especially like the 3rd tip! Replying to readers’ comments will make them feel more connected to you and your blog. If you’re friendly and accommodating with your replies, they’ll visit your blog more often, provided that you also follow the other tips here. Never even make your readers feel neglected or ignored.

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    Actually, making visitors return,to your blog is quite difficult unless you have a strategy. In this case yours seem really promising.

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    Removing ads may hurt you a little bit but it’s definitely a huge step forwards!

    Especially in the beginning, when you need to build an audience. Without the readers the ads are useless. And ads are what usually keeps new readers going away from the blog.

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    Great tips to be sharing. I especially like the replying and fresh content one. People who are replying to your blogs would want YOU to be replying back so they can see what they think and know they are being treated well. If you are not replying, they will think that the site is not very good therefore not coming back.
    Fresh content is always the best tip, because no -one would want to go on a site with no new content so this is genuinely the best.

    But the advertisements one, adverts are ok to be placed on blogs as long as they don’t keep flashing and popping up on you. So like banner or rectangle ones on the sides are ok, since the content won’t be affected.

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    Thanks for the tips — I’m in agreement with all of them. Especially the fresh content one. No one likes the same old posts.

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    Very nice tips. As for the last tip I totally agree. When I started my blog most of the visitors didn’t come back despite the fact that I was updating it’s content regularly. When one of my friend told me that I had too much advertisement on my blog I understood that it is very annoying for the reader. So when I removed some of them I got some visitors back.

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    I’ll make a commitment of posting at least once a week preferably on weekends. But my main goal is to raise it to twice; one post can be short but informative and the other lengthy yet engaging till the last paragraph. That’s my goal for now.

    I’m having difficulty with responding to comments since I have none. All I have is spam every day. I wonder how they find my blog; is there already automated spamming?

    As for the advertisement some suggests to put one when you have many visitors others say to be consistent and put it while you’re starting so as to let visitors know your intention of earning via advertisement. Any thought about this?

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    I agree with the part that says replying to posted comments is a great way of making readers feel heard. In this impersonal online world, it is rare for busy bloggers to find time to truly respond to posts. At the same time, it is these same bloggers that consistently get repeat visits.

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    Thank you Vanessa, glad to help!!!!

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    Great work Ryan, got to admit that these tips were informative. Recently, I came across a post that highlighted the tips for creating a content that will spread naturally, sounds interesting doesn’t it?? Well, to learn more just visit

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    Ryan, what you said about not expecting readers to come back by themselves grabbed my attention. I think that perhaps my belief had been that if the content is good they will come back. However, if readers are also Facebook fans or twitter followers it may be easier to let them know that the blog has been updated.

    I was not aware of the correlation between users who comment and those who come back to read the blog. It makes the comments’ section of the site more valuable.

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    These 4 tips are really true! It’s very crucial to keep your content updated and make sure your readers are updated on your new posts and contents. And, yes, please remove ads! They really drive readers away from your blog.

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    Lots of tips to think about. This is making me question if I have too many advertisements on my page. I do try and comment back, but I should actively respond more often. I also need to be more consistent with my posts.

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    I like these tips and especially agree with the one regarding sticking with a posting schedule. I find it frustrating to take interest in a blog, only to keep checking and finding no new content. I lose interest and move on. Regular, fresh (and relevant) content is key for a blog’s success.

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    These are some really great tips to use when building your blog. I’m new at all of this, so needless to say, this information was very helpful to me.


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