3 Reasons Why Your Seemingly Great Content Refuses To Go Viral

3 Reasons Why Your Seemingly Great Content Refuses To Go Viral

A pretty much formulaic way to achieve Internet marketing success is through Facebook, and the means to achieve Facebook success is by posting good quality content. And that’s it. You are on your way to become a benchmark for folks roaming a similar territory…. Wait, What??

It breaks my heart to make you come to a realization that your definition of “good quality content” may be light years away from what Facebook and its audience defines it as. If your incredible content is not bringing in the numbers, you seem persistent, hoping that they will come sooner or later, you are practicing your businesses like they did in stone age.


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Facebook is not one of those ways to do business where you let a recipe takes its own time to cook. If the initial stages are not bringing you results, there is a slim chance that keeping the same strategy will draw them in future. The sooner you start working on a same wavelength as the Facebook trends, better it will serve you in the long run.


If you are still wondering where is it exactly that you have gone wrong with your content, which despite of looking good, does not bring the numbers, here are a few pain points to pay attention to:

1.) The Content is Mechanical, Doesn’t Add that Personal Touch

You are in the business verse purely for earning money, but that in no way means you will glide past the personal touches that have the potential of keeping your brand at the top of your consumer’s heart and head. When you are writing content for Facebook post, it has to appeal to certain sentiments. The sentiments may be emotions, or plain curiosity. The only way you are going to interest your consumers is by generating a curiosity and a level of personalization. The emotional post gets much more likes and shares, as opposed to the mechanical ones which can be easily ignored.

Keeping the humor factor alive is a must, even if you are selling lumberjack equipments. At the end of the day, it is all about striking a chord somewhere with the customer. Make them use their head, which means they are spending more time on your page. keep the content crisp, and keep some suspense.

So instead of posting, “Virat Kohli has scored 11 centuries while chasing and India has won all of those matches”, you should post, “Virat Kohli scores 11th century for India while chasing. Do you know how many of these matches have India won?”

2.) You Publish it at Just About Any time You Please

You Publish it at Just About Any time You Please)

Convenience is not what you need to look for in here. If you wish to post something at 1 ‘o’ clock but are unable to do so, Facebook gives you the freedom of scheduling your posts at any day of the year, and at any time of the day. So, what on earth is stopping you?

Surveys have proven that posts with a certain virality factor perform much better than the posts with similar virality potential if they are put on the page at a time where there is a maximum chance of visibility. The time between 12 pm to 1 pm is when you get maximum eyeballs for the post, while the late night posts are ignored more often than not. At some places, even the posts between 9:30 to 10 seem to be doing well because that’s when people step into their offices, and start their day with Facebook.

Weekends are said to be the worst days for posting anything since people are busier with their offline connections – the friends and the families. It would serve you well if a piece of content you spent a lot of time on writing goes live on Wednesdays more than on any other day of the week since people are most active on social media in the middle of the week.

3.) Uninspiring Design

When you are using your content in an image, it really matters how you design that image. There are a several factors to keep in mind and protect the content from bouncing off the walls. A stunning looking image will only take you that far, there is a bunch of other things that when done correctly, will bring results better than you envisaged.

An uninspiring design will ruin the whole point of publishing the content through image. So, apart from ensuring the prettiness of the whole picture, make certain you are driving the user’s focus to where it’s meant to be drawn. It should not be bathing with colors, unless you include them really creatively and it doesn’t look corny. The attributes of the design should be perched and aligned in a manner that they guide a visitor’s attention to the points which create the maximum brand impact.

Each element in the picture should be placed at its most appropriate location so as to ensure that apart from getting clicks on the visual appeal of the image, the brand message you are attempting to send is duly received by your customers.

When You have the Budget

Invest in Facebook Ads if you have funds with you. This is certainly the fastest way to gain page fans, loads of them. The Facebook ads aren’t as costly as you are made to believe, and they can be customized duly to attract your target audience. You can select the age groups and promote the page group according to the demographics. As these ads are placed right there on the news feeds of the visitors or at the sidebars, it’s hard not to notice them.

Decrypting why Facebook hasn’t been working for your business is a matter of retrospection and of an analysis of the possible factors marring your growth. Once you have something to point your fingers at, you are more equipped to deal with it and glide over the over-plotted market barriers.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Good tips. I”m taking a course in new media marketing, and the #1 takeaway is “you are not your customer.” What it comes down to is this: it doesn’t matter what you want to say, it only matters what your customers want to hear. Snazzy content and cool articles are worthless unless they solve a problem for your customer.

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