10 Expert Tips on Making Your Business Blog a Success

Business Blogging Tips

If your business doesn’t already have its own blog, it’s about time you started one.

Blogging on a regular basis can massively boost your chances of acquiring new leads, increase social following, improve your visibility on the map, and comes out as a brand in the respective niche. When you have a unique voice that strikes the right chords in the heart and minds of readers who are hungry for credible and helpful information, you have not only found your voice but your audience as well, who will eventually become a customer of yours.

I’m sure you know the basics of starting a blog. Let’s discuss how you can make the most of it by incorporating these hand-picked, tried and true blogging strategies.

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1. Join Communities

What kind of product or service do you specialize in? Look for communities within your industry and add value to your business by answering questions coming from community members. You can post relevant posts and participate in discussions. Position yourself as an expert source of information or authority.

Join Communities

For instance, if you’re a marketing agency you need to consider places like inbound.org, marketing subreddit on Reddit, Stumble Upon, Quora, and Form Spring. Other industries can also look into Quora and Reddit for communities that are conversing about your specific industry.

2. Join a Group of Like-minded Individuals

Often referred to as a mastermind group, like-minded trend setters and entrepreneurs in your industry can keep you motivated and even provide insights to help boost business. They can support your blog by sharing your content and commenting on your blog to increase its popularity and visibility. Look beyond groups like SEO, social media, PPC etc. Try looking into related areas such as entrepreneurs, SMBs, start-ups, local groups of your servicing area, and bloggers.


Google + communities, LinkedIn groups, and internet forums are the ideal places to find these types of groups. If you're a business owner, feel free to connect with people on LinkedIn. It's professional and can help build your own personal network.

3. Start Guest Posting

In case you don’t have a very large number of followers for your blog, it’s a good idea to start guest posting on other blogs. But wait, guest posting can penalize your site, right? No, it’s not and it will never be if you’re doing it to flourish your brand, build relationships, discovering new online business ideas, increase your followership, and in the end, “building links”.
Before contacting any blog, study the blogger’s best posts, check out the topics, average social shares/ comments, word-count, and frequency of publishing. Then, design a personalized outreach email. Because most blog owners or manager go through many emails a day, you want to keep your email short and precise. Be direct with what you're emailing them about and be available when they have questions for you.

For more tips about email outreaching, check out this post.

4. Just Don’t Give up

Blogging is a game of patience and persistence. It will take time to grow. As you continue writing, you discover your own unique style, pace and tempo. Learning good blogging strategies takes time, there’s a fair amount of trial and error involved since you’ve got to encompass strategies like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media strategies and etc.

Moz-bloggingCredit: Moz

Here are some tips that you can implement:

  • Your content should be SEO friendly
  • Analyze your Google Analytics on a regular basis.
  • Use Followerwonk to identify your audience on Twitter.
  • Search the best performing posts in your niche and look at who shared it. You can use BuzzSumo for this.
  • Make your content rich by adding illustrations, infographics, videos, and gifs. Always mention the original source with the link, as it will portray you as an honest blogger.
  • Personally email or tweet the original sources and let them know about your post to build strong relationships.
  • Always perform detailed keywords analysis before writing a post and identify a gap that you can fill.
  • Link the credible information from others in your posts.
  • Incorporate social sharing menus at the right places.
  • Give it time to grow.

5. Find Your Own Distinct Tone

Checking out a few blogs for inspiration’s sake is fine, though you need to find your own unique voice and stick to it. You might add contributors to your blog over time, so again, make sure they stay in line with the tone and style you’ve developed. This is what keeps audiences coming back – consistency.

6. Write Frequently

It’s a good idea to post blogs at least twice a week, if not more. People will instinctively get in the habit of visiting your blog frequently when they know good, resourceful information is being published on a regular basis.

Launch bi-monthly and weekly series to keep the attention of your readers and develop it in a way that encourages them to contribute.

At Social Cubix, we have a bi-monthly series of best apps in which we pick only those that possess great design and unique idea. At the end of every post, we encourage our audience to email their own developed or favorite apps which they like to see in next edition. Every month, we received various emails for such requests from developers, companies, and readers.

7. Visualize Your Reader

Finding it difficult to maintain a consistent tone in your writing? Consider this: do you prefer writing casually or formally? Article-style, third-person writing, or concise first-person sentences? Pick a friend or co-worker you’re really close to and imagine that you’re writing for them. Visualize them as you write – you’ll definitely be more consistent. Remember who you're writing for and what type of audience you're trying to reach with your content. Visualization

8. Let Visitors Subscribe to an Emailing List

Your visitors should be able to subscribe to your email list and get notifications when new posts are published. Do this successfully and you’ll retain the most viewers. In fact, your email list will continue to grow, as does your blog.
Emailing List
There are lots of easy to install plugins available, like Sumo Me, that does not requires the expertise of technical resource and you can easily integrate your favorite email-marketing CRMs.

9. Be Authentic – Be Yourself

You’re blogging in the first place because you love doing it. You’re passionate about it and what you write about is probably due to the fact that you’re an expert at the subject. Blogging really is about people. Don’t hesitate, let your passion flow and let your personality shine. For sure, you can quote other bloggers or experts about specific ideas, but remember to put your own thoughts and twist onto the idea. It's important to share your idea and thoughts too! This, among other things, is what makes your blog highly unique and compelling to read.

10. Quote Influential Figures

Hand-pick influential figures from your industry and quote their comments and/or opinions in your blog, you can find them by using Follower Wonk and Buzz Sumo. This way your argument becomes a highly informed one and in the process, you’re widening your traffic and readership. You could also target spokespeople representing local organizations or clients of your own. In fact, this is a great way to build relationship with these influential figures and generating a conversation with them and their fans.

Is there any tip I missed out? I’m sure, I did. Let’s talk in the comment section.

Happy Blogging :)

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    A successful blog means a successful website and business too. And personally, I make sure that my blog is updated and gets the full attention it needs. Thanks for sharing all the ideas you have in making a successful business blog. I can relate on this because I’m really eager to make my blog stands out from the rest. Maybe because I know the importance of a blog in a business or a website. Thanks a lot.

  • avatar

    You, sir, are a genius. Don’t laugh. For someone like me — whose mind is just overwhelmed with random ideas and thoughts that don’t seem to be cohesive at all — this article really simplified things for me. I always see the bigger picture and forget that it takes one step at a time and you very clearly stated the steps. Thank you. I also appreciated your graphic chart that mentioned, “Most bloggers give up here…” I started a blog three years ago, and despite how great the content was, I gave up. It was all a little too daunting and formidable — I figured I’d never gain an audience and I didn’t want to target my personal friends. I have been thinking about working on the blog some more and your article has really affirmed and encouraged me. Thanks for breaking it all down and making it seem doable.

  • avatar
    Laura Lassen 


    These are great tips that can be applied to both business and personal blogs as well. In fact, one of the best ways to connect with individuals and outreach for blogs would definitely be LinkedIn. I think it also helps that it can build your personal brand along with it. Thanks for the tips!

  • avatar

    Thank you Kyler for liking it 🙂

  • avatar

    The best way to make sure your guest comments on another blog actually help you is to make sure what you are saying compliments the topic and tone of the post.
    If the post is on grilled cheese and you’re promoting a wine blog, pair a wine with that specific recipe. Give it some thought, maybe link to a similar article on your site, while at the same time posting a comment to your page linking to their page in return. The backlink part is the most important, and should make any blog author at least tolerate your presence.

  • avatar
    Kyler Little 


    This is really interesting and I think it’s very true and informative. I would say that a lot of these tips are really reasonable and they can make a difference even if you think it doesn’t. Thank you Umar for sharing this.

  • avatar

    My name is Umar and I’m the author of this post. If you have any question,comment or tip, please feel free to share here. I’d love to be in touch 🙂

    • avatar

      Hello, Umar – I was wondering what tips you have for keeping up a steady stream of posts? I find myself stagnating if I only work on one topic too much, and even if I try to integrate new information I find myself roadblocked.
      How do you break the mold but stay on topic, while keeping your content flowing?

    • avatar
      Katie Bella 


      Hi Umar,
      I was wondering if you had any tips on how to join communities. Particularly if you have a blog that caters to a niche audience? I think joining a network is generally easier for food, beauty, fashion or craft bloggers. But what if your blog doesn’t necessarily fit into the more popular categories?

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