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Economy of Edmonton

The economy of Edmonton is closely weaved with oil and gas exploration, and has been termed the “Oil capital of Canada”. Edmonton has massive reserves of oil and gas, and stands second only to Saudi Arabia in the quantity of known reserves. The GDP of Edmonton was to the tune of $42.4 billion in fiscal 2006, up 3.6% over fiscal 2005, and has increased almost every year since.

The IT sector is also burgeoning as never before, and the leading IT companies in Edmonton include IBM, Dell, and GE. Edmonton is also home to the headquarters of the Canadian Western Bank. In fact, in a survey the Financial Times judged Edmonton to have the best economic potential in North America, and was ranked fourth in the list of preferred FDI cities in North America. The presence of two international airports in Edmonton further helps to boost the economy of Edmonton. Edmonton is also the transportation gateway to North Alberta and North Western Canada. The boom in the economy of Edmonton is a direct result of the best educational centers and research institutes in Edmonton that churn out brilliant minds annually.


edmonton internet marketing: Industries we Serve

Edmonton based business are being increasingly lured to Internet Marketing. The siren song of small and big business in Edmonton who have experienced what Internet Marketing can do to make their bottom-line healthy, is a publicity hard to resist. It’s proving hard for the CEO’s to resist the accountability and transparency with which the effectiveness of the marketing strategies can be gauged. All it requires is a service of a good Internet Marketing firm like Techwyse, committed to customer satisfaction through ethical Internet Marketing practices.

Any Edmonton based business can have a tailor-made Internet Marketing option that tie up with their business objective. Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click,Web Design Optimization and other efforts can easily be integrated with offline efforts in TV or Newspaper. You can even track how effective offline efforts really are!

Health Care in Vancouver

Healthcare services in Edmonton are provided both by the public sector hospitals and private hospitals. With a population expanding every year, the demand for specialized medical services is great. The provincial government of Alberta guarantees universal access to health care and provides a health care card for its citizens. A good percentage of the population, however, frequents the private hospitals of Edmonton that offer exemplary, affordable and specialized services.

Health Care in Vancouver

Edmonton is home to some of the leading law firms of Canada. The onward rush by the lawyers is spurred by the ever increasing demand for their services. Edmonton is attracting lawyers specialized in such fields as taxation, intellectual property, corporate finance, technology and outsourcing. Many of these law firms in Edmonton successfully make use of the services of Internet marketing companies like TechWyse to gain wider publicity and to attract new clients.

TechWyse, being the leading provider of internet marketing services in Edmonton, is in a position to offer an array of Internet marketing services to the law firms in Edmonton. The leading law firms in Edmonton with specialization in corporate finance, taxation, and technology and outsourcing, franchise and distribution, and intellectual property would stand to gain by aligning with TechWyse, the leading Internet marketing company in Edmonton.

Law Firms in Vancouver
Law Firms in Vancouver
Real Estate in Vancouver

The real estate sector in Edmonton is thriving as never before. The high labor costs and the strong housing demands are powering an increase in real estate prices. Yet, the real estate sector in Edmonton is busy, finding enough land to satisfy the ever increasing demand for additional space. Vacant plots available in Edmonton for building houses are seldom seen. These leading real estate agents in Edmonton are relying on the Internet to showcase their properties through Internet marketing to attract new clients.

Real Estate in Vancouver

Edmonton, situated on the North Saskatchewan River, is the second largest city in Alberta and its provincial capital. The area of Edmonton is spread over 684 sq kilometers and is the sixth largest city in Canada. The population of Edmonton city’s greater metropolitan area is home to over one million people. Edmonton has the lowest population density in the whole of North America. Some of the best educational institutions and centers of higher learning in Canada are located in Edmonton. Edmonton is home to the famed West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex. The West Edmonton Mall features a water park, man made lake, amusement park, and casinos on the lines of those found in Las Vegas. There are innumerable numbers of festivals in Edmonton that are held at various seasons of the year. Due to the large numbers of festivals in Edmonton, the city has been labeled as a “Festival city”.

The Business Makeup of Montreal
The Business Makeup of Montreal


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