This Week: Facebook Feed Changes, 2018 Design Trends You Have to Use, and Keeping Your Momentum from the Holiday

This Week: Facebook Feed Changes, 2018 Design Trends You Have to Use, and Keeping Your Momentum from the Holiday

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Facebook’s news feed announcement, Google changes in the pipeline for 2018, and bold design trends you need to be aware of this year. We also look at ways to bounce back from a content fail and how to keep your marketing campaigns running during a slow period.

Facebook Feed Changes - What Businesses Can Do Next

Facebook feed Updates

In case you missed it, Facebook recently announced changes to the company’s news feed. In a move to inspire conversations between friends and family, Facebook will focus on content that will spur discussions and engagement. The goal of the algorithm is to predict which posts users may want to interact with their friends and family about, ultimately creating meaningful interactions between people. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? In a nutshell, if you’re not creating content for Facebook that will trigger comments and discussions, your reach is going to suffer with these changes.

High-Level Search Marketing: How To Keep Your Momentum From The Holiday Season Going

Untitled design (14)-min

Most of us are experiencing slow months in January and February, but don’t let the momentum you gained during the holiday season stop now. Instead, continue with your marketing efforts and consider changing up tactics to cater to the current environment. As Amanda DiSilvestro from Search Engine Journal writes, “The success of a holiday campaign should continue well into the new year. Keep these things in mind during your slow months and you’ll keep the momentum up to prepare you for spring and busier selling seasons.” Now is a good time to target the “new year, new me” mentality. During these two months, your customers are likely focusing on self-improvement, so keep your campaigns running (whether email marketing or paid ads) but change up the narrative to meet their needs and create value.

SEO Trends and Google Changes to Expect in 2018

SEO trends and Google

Pratik Dholakiya from Search Engine Land explores the search industry landscape to see where it could be headed this year. He predicts the continued growth of voice search and featured snippets, the crackdown on intrusive mobile ads, and algorithm updates to tackle the issue of trustworthy search results and to weed out false information. The most interesting prediction is the obsolescence of sites that fail to work on mobile devices. With Google potentially launching a mobile-first index this year, any website that is not mobile friendly could see changes in their ranking.

Design Trends You Have to Use in 2018


Big, bold, and eye-catching is how design can be described for 2018. Alan Smith from UsabilityGeek  tells us to expect bold colours, geometric patterns, handwritten fonts, colour gradients, and an even more minimalist approach to web design with the removal of content menus. It seems that this year is one of risk taking, but before you start rethinking your brand, take into account that all these trends amount to grabbing a user's attention. Start with incorporating basic elements such as the use of customized graphics, a trend that sees brands moving away from stock photos. Users want original, engaging images so it’s predicted that brands will focus on better branded images using user-generated content and photos.

What to Do When Your Content Falls Flat: 6 Ways to Recover

Content falling down

You can do everything to set your content up for success, however, there is no guarantee that your posts will be successful. If you’ve built up solid relationships with key influencers in your market, a good way to recover from a content fail, according to Aaron Agius from HubSpot, is to reach out to them and call in a favour. If you’ve consistently been sharing their content, they’re more likely to share your post with their audience. Other ways to bounce back include looking at your metrics to determine the best time to post your content, making it easier to share, and re-purposing it in new visual ways.

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    This is a great article on Web design and SEO trends. Google is going to change its techniques to process user quires. Mobile-first index will be a great ranking factor this year and Google also going to focus on visual search. This two things can bring a great change in digital marketing strategies. So if you want to stay in the industry, then there is a need to change your website design that is mobile compatible and has less loading time. Focusing on visual content can also help your site to rank well in visual search.

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