8 Platforms To Create A Website Effortlessly

8 Platforms To Create A Website Effortlessly

Creating a website can be hard when you're looking to create a website that combines both design and user experience together. It demands a lot of patience, time, and experience to land a perfect website that entices them all.

Of course, if you're looking to create a website easily and without much coding efforts, then a website builder will be perfect for you.

However, when you're choosing to create a website on your own, you need to pick the right platform. You want to choose a platform that can provide you with all the abilities that you need to create the perfect website. Furthermore, the website should be reasonably priced and offer a lot of features to allow you to customize it as much as you can.

Besides the popular website builders like WordPress, here are four platforms to help you create a website.

First, we'll cover the 4 that are free.


With hundreds of templates widened over seventy categories, Wix is a superb kick-start for any website. Whether youère creating a website for business purposes, an online store, events, or portfolio, there are thousands of mind-blowing designs are already available to make your website completely outstanding.



Powerful Online Platform

It is a simple yet powerful online platform for any beginner to land a perfect website. They have some amazing restaurant website designers, who will simply turn your simple website into something new that entices all. The best part is that this platform is free!


Weebly is also a smart choice for individuals who are looking to build an enticing website for their business. It has a simple click and drag interface, which allows you to create a smart and professional websites in no time.

You can even add great features like pictures, videos, text, and even maps to the website. When you are using Weebly, adding and organizing web pages is amazingly effortless. They are a perfect pick for all those who are new in the market and have no idea where to start.

Weebly offers header slideshow, search box, embedded document, password protection, removed advertisements, audio player, and much more features at one place.


Webnode comes with a phenomenal package, which gives you that ease and simplicity you always wanted when it comes to editing and modifying your web pages.

One of the most alluring advantages of using this platform is that it allows you to do automatic navigation and linking. With this advantage, you can create huge websites with lots of content, without any effort.



This platform is perfect for well-versed designers who want to build an interactive website. With Webflow, you have the full power of CSS and HTML right beneath your fingertips. You can add images, videos, links, and even add maps to your website.

Being a free platform to create your websites, it offers a limited set of charming themes to choose from. Moreover, Webflow even allows you to switch the canvas to customize your design for any resolution; no matter you are using a tablet, desktop, or Smartphone.


Now, let's move over to see the paid platforms that offer great and beautiful websites.

Lights CMS

This platform is perfect for designers and developers who are seeking a fresh approach to their services and work. But, that doesn’t mean only these people can avail the advantages from Light CMS. The platform is even trending among all those ad agencies, blogger, non-profit organizations, e-commerce retailers, freelancers, and even the artists. Light CMS is meant for those who want to create a restaurant’s website faster using all those modern and convenient tools. You can simply visit their website to check out their charges for building a website.


Voog runs a minimalistic and simple approach to website design. Their platform is built on a drag and drop interface that makes it extremely user-friendly for users to create websites.


The platform is flexible and easy-to-use for users that aren't familiar with website building. The horizontal bar at the bottom allows for a mess-free and seamless experience to customize your website. You can simply add texts, forms, videos, maps, and more by dragging and clicking on the icons in the horizontal menu.


Now, there are lots of great platforms to create websites for businesses in a variety of industries. However, for many restaurants, they may require different options to better optimize their site.


If you're hoping to build a website for your restaurant, you should not miss visiting Vinows. Whether you're running a small café or own a huge restaurant in the city, you can always create a breathtaking website with Vinows. They create responsive websites that look great on every device, whether it be desktop or mobile.

Vinows has everything you need at one place including on-line table reservation, share on social media, new templates every month, customizable menus, promote events, use a custom domain, reviews, video gallery, photo gallery, blog section, secure hosting, 24x7 support and much more.

1 and 1

1 and 1 have carved out a nice niche for themselves by focusing on specific business areas. This platform is well known for their web hosting, but they also offer website creation as well with 1 and 1 MyWebsite.

My Website

They cover more than 200 industries besides offering 140 attractive layouts, which are quite professionals to suit your business and company. Thousands of people today are using this platform to build their website for their companies.

Creating a website is just like adding life to your online presence. So, what are you waiting for? Showcase your business online with a website you can built seamlessly and effortlessly. Good Luck!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    I wouldn’t use any of those website creation platforms if I planned on creating a business or company, it would take away from the credibility. I guess if you want a blog-themed site or something basic you could use one of those, but please do hire an experienced web developer if you’re serious about getting on the market.

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    Thanks for the article, it definitely helps me understand this type of market.
    I’ve personally used Weebly, but it didn’t quite satisfy my needs. Although obviously it’s limited because it is free.
    Thank you for the information again.

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    Hey there,
    Liked your post about website creation platforms, but you missed out on Blogger and WordPress.
    These two are the most popular platforms to create websites and it is quite easy to do it too.

    • avatar

      Hi Arbaz,
      Of course. Blogger and WordPress are definitely two of the best platforms. However, we wanted to focus on some lesser known platforms to provide readers with more choices.

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