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5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Operate In WordPress

Website Design August 12th, 2013


All over the world, businesses big and small are opting to go with a WordPress website to contain and manage all the valuable information that helps to get their name out to the masses. Whether you hire a web design company that can take care of everything from the initial setup to a continual WordPress backup service or you decide to dive in and try your own hand at it, there are several reasons to choose a WordPress site over any other.

Search Engine Optimized

Getting your website recognized by Google and other search engines is no simple task. It can take quite a while in some circumstances, but WordPress offers consistent and organized HTML coding that search engines favor and, therefore, rank higher. The attention you’ll get for constant, fresh content can only help your business beat out the competition.

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Cost-Effective and Customizable

WordPress gives users total control over the content management and look of their site. With so many themes and plugins to choose from, you can feel comfortable knowing your business will be represented just the way it should be. The template you choose will make a difference in the way you stack up to your competition since consumers generally lean towards sites that are easier to navigate and free of confusing clutter. In addition, WordPress offers many of these features completely free of charge.

Simple Social Sharing

While a website will remain the bulk of your company’s online presence, it really isn’t enough just to rely on that anymore since there are many other avenues that consumers are turning to, such as social media pages. WordPress makes it easy to link content up with your various social media accounts, which have become a valuable marketing tool with the ability to direct traffic right back to your main site after updating followers on the latest news.


During the setup of a WordPress site there are several ways for you or your web design company to strengthen its security throughout. Locking down permission files, securing wp-admin and customizing usernames, passwords and login attempts are all examples of how a secure site can be created in WordPress. The free updated versions that are offered to users are constantly providing improvements and added security as well, and as long as an effective and consistent WordPress backup serviceis implemented, you should have peace of mind that no data will be lost.

Universal Programming

Since WordPress is so commonly used around the world, it makes it a very uncomplicated process should you ever have to switch programmers for any reason. Most programmers are familiar with this CMS, and its ease of use will allow someone new to jump right in where your last developer left off. A customized site on another platform would most likely require starting again from the ground up.

In this day and age, you already know how important it is to have an online presence with a consumer-friendly website that is easily found with a simple Google search, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the know-how or desire to deal with the ins and outs of setting up a site and then doing all the maintenance to keep it fully efficient. This content management system has made things so much easier than they used to be, but if you’re still unsure where to start, a knowledgeable web design company can take the reins and get you up and running and also keep you operating smoothly with a WordPress backup service.

Post By Tiffany Olson (1 Posts)

Tiffany Olson works at Optimize Worldwide as Communications Manager. The team at Optimize Worldwide loves WordPress and prefer it over any other platform.


Tiffany Olson works at Optimize Worldwide as Communications Manager. The team at Optimize Worldwide loves WordPress and prefer it over any other platform.
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5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Operate In WordPress

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