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10 Extremely Creative And Cool Website Layout Designs

Website Design October 15th, 2014


Creative And Cool Website Layout Designs

Website layout is one of the most important aspects of creative and innovative web designs. It grabs the attention of the user and gives them an instant idea of who you are as a brand, all within moments of arriving to your site.

A good layout gives a clean appearance to the website while allowing users to easily navigate the page. Your layout should grab the attention of users so they’re interested in the content while not being overwhelmed by website options.

You want to be able to offer a site with an innovative, original layout that enhances the visitor’s experience by tending to their needs. What does your target demographic want to see first? How can you effectively communicate your company’s message to users? What can you include in your layout designs that will keep people on your page?

We found 10 of the most unusual and creative website layouts to spark your creativity and inspire great designs!

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HTML Panda

HTML Panda’s mixes mediums for its main page, having a slightly animated rocket-riding cartoon panda floating on top of a picturesque sunset.

Although visually the site does have a lot going on, their great use of empty space keeps it clean enough for the eye to easily travel across the layout of the page.

Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer

With a roster of rock stars under their management, the music moguls at Velvet Hammer know the importance of visual attraction. The clean, simplistic website layout combined with its fluid scrolling features and consistant black and white imagery brings a new appreciation to the saying, “Less is more.”

Hackery, Math & Design

Hackery Math And Design

As Hackery, Math & Design’s page loads, a 3D animated picture fills the screen in an overpoweringly cool way. Despite the image becoming slightly distorted when viewing the from a fully expanded browser window, the intricate design instantly piques your interest. As you scroll, large images help direct you to different areas of the site. While this isn’t as convenient for users as a static menu, it’s intriguing enough to keep visitors engaged.

Thrive Solo

Thrive Solo

Solo’s clean images paired with bold, white font allows the website to showcase exactly what they want you to see, no matter which page they’re viewing. With easy to read graphs and similarly styled digitally illustrated pictures through the site, users are directed to what they’re looking for without hassle. Their static menu and large blocks of informational content prove that the layout of this site was designed with the user as the first and only thought.

Better Graph

Better Graph

With a focus on readable content and easily navigated menu options, Better Graph looks like not a lot more than a glorified standard WordPress skin. Although the top and left menus may make for a bit of option-overload, the small and simple graphics give a good balance to the overall layout design.


With an extremely fluid parallax scrolling feature that essentially displays different variations of the same page, Cyclemon’s layout is one of the easiest looking, yet most technical on the site. Showcasing over a dozen different bicycle images that retain a similar feel, the user can view multiple pages simply by scrolling through. As the backgrounds change to suit certain themes, the bike changes as well, ever transforming to fit the new visuals of the layout.

Not only will web junkies drool over the way the site scrolls, but design fans will crave the images of bikes through the ages.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

Slow Internet users, be warned. While this studio’s website displays their images (and subsequently links to their work) in an extremely innovative way, the images do take quite a bit of load time. That being said, having your entire portfolio displayed on your homepage and still managing to keep it clean is a feat that The Drawing Room has conquered.

Strange Love

Strange Love

Their tag line says it all: Simplicity works. Void of much colour or flashy designs, Strange Love’s website is as easy to navigate as it is to look at. With each option on the menu linking to a section of the long-forum homepage, this web studio emits a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with its use of clean lines and minimal text.



With their building sketch appearing as soon as you enter the site and royal blue font following on the white pages afterwards, the layout of this website perfectly mimics that of a blueprint. While the menu isn’t immediately prominent, a few small scrolls down the screen directs it to rise where it then stays static on the page. The imagery might not be extremely consistent throughout the site, but the layout would be appealing to any web designer.



This is undoubtedly the site on our list with the most going on, but even so, Wacom manages to present a flowing and simple layout. With a great user-friendly menu and easily searchable product categories, the site effortlessly blends busy content and simple features into one harmonized layout.

Post By David Meyer (1 Posts)

A professional website designer, David Mayer is associated with CSSChopper and he has shared lots of innovative ideas to learn that how to design effective and targeted website.

Website: → CSSChopper


A professional website designer, David Mayer is associated with CSSChopper and he has shared lots of innovative ideas to learn that how to design effective and targeted website.
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10 Extremely Creative And Cool Website Layout Designs

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