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Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns to Increase Conversion

Website Conversion March 11th, 2020


Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns to Increase Conversion

One of the most promising customer engagement channels is Web Push Notification. This channel allows you to reach out to customers even when they’re not on your website. The notifications are delivered directly to the browser on both desktop and mobile. To maximize your conversion, you need to first create push notification campaigns based on different conditions.

Push Notification service provider offers a wide range of features to create effective campaigns. Here are the top 7 push notification campaigns to increase conversions –

Sale Based Push Notification Campaigns

Running a sale event can definitely help with increasing the awareness of a sale. However, sale events are time-sensitive, and you’ll want to reach out to users as quickly as you can. This is where push notifications come in handy. Schedule all your push notifications beforehand to ensure you send them out at the right time.

Below are sample templates you can try:

Last 48HRS of Sale

Coupon for 2 Hours Only

Action Based Push Notification Campaigns

Customers take multiple actions on your website as they’re browsing. This usually indicates whether the customer is serious about your product or not. You can create a trigger push notification campaign based on what actions the user is taking.

Below are a few templates to spike your inspiration.

An example of an action taken would be a viewed video. If the user has watched the product video, the interest level of the user is high. You can then trigger a notification on such an action.

Take a look at the example below. The customer was viewing the collection of baby bathtubs but left without purchasing. Your trigger campaign will send relevant push notifications to the user.

Looking for Baby Bath Tub

Another example is if a user downloaded a free e-book you offer on your site. Anyone who downloads the e-book is a potential lead. You can then send this user relevant push notifications.

Take the example below. Let’s say you’ve put a free e-book on Adword optimization, which the customer has downloaded. You can then trigger an auto-notification to the visitor and hopefully create a conversion.

Need a product demo

Cross-Sell Push Notification Campaigns

When you buy jeans, you look for a matching tee. Using push notifications create a cross-sell campaign. Whenever a customer makes a purchase from one category, send a series of push notifications of different products from the complimentary category.

Below is a sample template:

The customer has recently bought a phone. You can cross-sell phone case to them:

On Phone Case

Price Drop Push Notification Campaigns

Everyone wants to buy a product at the right price. You can set up a price drop alert campaign and define the price point. Whenever there is a price drop, the customer will automatically get a push notification with the product link. It’s a great campaign to bring back customers and convert them.

Below is a sample push notification:

If the customer has shown interest in shades and there is a price drop, you can trigger an auto-notification to be sent.

Price Drop on Shades

Cart Abandonment Push Notification Campaigns

One of the most common issues of lost revenue is cart abandonment. However, if you can automatically reach out to users who abandoned their carts, you can easily minimize your loss. With push notifications, you can create automated cart abandonment campaigns.

Extra 10% Discount

Forgot Something!

Browse Abandonment Push Notification Campaigns

We’ve all seen customers doing window shopping in malls. Similarly, in online stores customer browses through different products. You can target customers who browse products without purchasing by creating an auto browse abandonment push notification campaign.

If the customer was viewing watches but left without purchasing, you could then trigger a notification similar to this:

Looking for Watch

Product Push Notification Campaigns

To improve conversions, you need to send the right push notifications without missing a beat. Sort out your subscribers and create multiple product drip campaigns for different products. One blog, ShoutMeLoud, was able to increase its conversion by 10% by running product-specific drip campaigns.

Below is an example of push notification if you’re selling Adword service and the customer shows interest:

AdWords Tricks


Creating and sending web push notifications is simple. However, to increase conversion, you need to plan out your push notification campaigns. Based on your objective, you can create push notifications here and send them to relevant customers.

Post By Ravi Trivedi (1 Posts)

Ravi Trivedi is the CEO and founder of PushEngage. PushEngage is a leading platform for browser push notifications with customers in 150+ countries serving 3 billion monthly notifications. You can reach out to him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Ravi Trivedi is the CEO and founder of PushEngage. PushEngage is a leading platform for browser push notifications with customers in 150+ countries serving 3 billion monthly notifications. You can reach out to him on Twitter and Facebook.
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Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns to Increase Conversion

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