Building A Fantastic Sales Funnel For Your Website

Building A Fantastic Sales Funnel For Your Website

01Strategy &

Creating a measuring strategy is where we lay the foundation for scalable success. This process delivers in all the following areas:

  • Increase conversions
  • Determine website goals
  • Create a plan to attain goals
  • Create a user experience that yields results


We know how to design for results. Our creative work is functional and intuitive — not glitzy. Our capabilities are far reaching. Some of the most popular include:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Responsive Website design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Infographic Development
  • Video Development


The digital space has grown immensely over the years. Companies depend on us to help them navigate the wide range of strategic opportunities available. While each service has incredible depth, TechWyse has been executing in all of the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Media
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Local Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Automation


The TechWyse mantra is focussed on ‘data-driven decisions’. Not all marketing campaigns are successful. But with strong measurement principles we can learn and grow. Our measurement tool ‘AdLuge’ centralizes all your campaigns and allows for better informed decision making.

  • Relationship based strategy meetings
  • Centralized campaign management
  • Full Reporting using AdLuge

We Are

TechWyse Internet Marketing is Toronto’s leading search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing agency.

We’ve been doing digital marketing for a long time. Founded in 2001 and with over 100 internet marketing professionals spanning across multiple departments, we’re a full-service marketing agency ready to take on all your marketing needs.

We’re Google Partners, meaning our team is qualified in search, video, display, and shopping advertising. We offer services ranging from SEO, PPC, content, social, web design, strategy, and more!

TechWyse Internet Marketing since 2001

TechWyse Internet Marketing since 2001

125+ people across all digital marketing silos

125+People across all digital marketing silos

Full staff accreditations

Full Staff accreditations

No Term Contracts

No Term Contracts

Client Success Stories

While the TechWyse team has gained specialization in various industries since its inception in 2001, our process applies to any business that is looking to grow its efforts online. Our proven strategies apply to businesses looking to grow lead generation efforts or sell products online.
Here are just some of our success stories:

View Case Study
Decrease in
bounce rate 27.03%
Increase in
page views 101.44%
Of online sales
from organic search 27.09%
Of online sales
from paid search 11.16%
View Case Study
Increase in
First Page Ranking 67%
Increase in
Organic Traffic Y-O-Y 142%
Increase in
Social Followers 102%
Increase in
Click-through Rates 250%
View Case Study
Increase in
Conversion 450%
Increase in
First Page ranking 67%
Increase in
E-commerce Transaction 250%
Increase in
Organic Traffic Year Over Year 40%

Partners &

With 20+ Years in Business, TechWyse has developed many relationships in the digital marketing space across North America. Here are some that we are most proud of:

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    This is a concise interpretation of the process with a unique view on the subject. Nice job!

  • avatar

    Bianca, you are on to something about people being lazy.
    The human brain thinks in 3’s. That’s why phone numbers are broken up into digits of 3’s, etc. Have you ever tried memorizing a number from Europe or Asia? 01145925503993…
    1,2,3, Go! That’s how you need to think.
    When people are on a website, they want to be comfortable and want the right not to have to think. If they have to dig for information, you are in trouble. If you don’t direct them like a 6 year old, you are in trouble.If you don’t give them exactly what they are looking for in 5 seconds, they are gone!
    This is why news stories are done in sound bites. That’s how people are conditioned. A picture is worth a thousand words… that’s why pictures have impact. A good, thought-provoking image on your story will give context, perspective and most importantly, a summary of the whole idea of the message you are trying to relay.
    One last thing…Bullet points.
    What do you tend to remember, a full page of 4 point legaleze text with very few paragraph breaks, or thought provoking statements in bullet points?

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    Exactly Steve. Sales funnel development is actually one of the most important things to think out for your website design concept.
    I recommend everyone do this planning first before moving forward with it. Also just read a nice thoughtful article on this blog that relates to this post:

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    A lot of good things are being told.
    Its about business and not just having a website placeholder. Every website owner must keep this in mind, otherwise there is no purpose with the website then just being online.

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    Fascinating and very timely information! Nice narration too!!
    Results driven sales funnels reap rewards to business websites. Knowing the sea is the best way to sail smoothly, similarly mapping out your clientel helps you to devise and build a targeted sales funnel.

  • avatar

    That indeed was informative! It’s no easy task to design a funnel that delivers. A well designed sales funnel should convert a lazy visitor to a loyal customer who will have a long standing association with the business. This entails a great deal of planning and careful calculation. Your guidelines are sure to be of great value to online businesses and marketers.

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