The Importance Of Measuring Results Of Online Video

The Importance Of Measuring Results Of Online Video

With the popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Metacafe skyrocketing, online video marketing has become an indispensable part of any search engine marketing strategy. Video marketing was not paid much attention to previously by most marketers but the recently changed scenario has meant that marketing by sharing videos has found its place among the tricks of the online trade.  Indeed, we are seeing a rise in the amount viral visits to client sites simply because video is more accessible today.  Thanks to higher bandwidth and the rise of video sharing sites online video has suddenly made its presence known.

So we need to begin measuring the effectiveness of online video now.

Why is Understanding Video Analytics Important?

Video analytics just like web analytics involves many metrics that can be measured. But very few realize this. For many, video submission strategy is just creating a user login and upload their file/files to these video sharing sites and then moving on. Most people do not pay any attention in getting the analytical information such as how many views occurred, ratings, comments or traffic source by geographic area.

These metrics provide valuable information that can be a strong weapon to your online video marketing arsenal. Video metrics will track a wide range of factors without even delving into Google Analytics:

How many views – Shows the number of viewers for your video.

Viewing time – time spent by the visitors.

Demographics – Offers some idea of gender views by way of male and female visitor statistics.

Popularity – Tracks the popularity of your video based on ratings, commenting and other interactions.

Traffic Patterns – Reveals the geographic location/region from which the visitors sourced.

Overall, these metrics contribute an accurate analysis of what exactly is going on in the viewing of a video.

YouTube Insight & TubeMogul

Tools which provide a varying degree of video measurement are online, but YouTube Insight and TubeMogul are the best ones for tracking multi-faceted aspects of video analytics. Insight is YouTube's version of video analytics launched last year providing statistics of some key areas associated with the video exposure. Insight gives you a comprehensive report covering views, demographics, popularity, stats from various regions and more.

Check out this video to learn more:


You can view the tracking records for a particular period and traffic pattern by geographic region by choosing the required tabs. Besides, it shows metrics of all the videos uploaded by the same user.

Youtube Insight

TubeMogul is a service which offers video analytics for over 20 video sharing sites. It allows you to upload videos and generate analytics reports for the videos you had uploaded to the their partner sites. With TubeMogul you can distribute your video to other uploading sites with a single upload. For producing analytics report you need to enter your video link URL, and it takes a day to get this report. These reports let you know who really is watching all of that video online and from where these watchers are coming from, which helps you analyze video analytics data. Here is a sample report from TubeMogul.

TubeMogul Stats

Video Marketing Is Here To Stay!

There is no doubt that the tools available for video analytics allows you go deep and discover useful statistical data. They contribute to more accurate analysis of the visitor data and arm the online marketer with relevant information. Based on this information the online marketing department can make wise decisions, improve the site search engine strategy and build a strong video marketing strategy for him or his client. And there is a growing trend among other video sites to take on tools like this for online video marketers.

Think video isn't here to stay?  Think again!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Seymour Heise 


    Hey thx for this blog!

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    I can’t agree more. Online Video has almost become a necessity. Here’s an entertaining YouTube that speaks to The Power of Online Video.

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    Latha Lukose 


    Asha, very true. I have been playing with this idea for quite a while and have combined social networking with video posting and have seen good results.
    I didn’t use traffic mogul, I used another paid one. The simple things which I found people were forgetting were they don’t use the power of video submission sites at all.
    They don’t use the author box in the video sharing sites.
    I include an article in my author resource with a link to my site. It really helps to pump up traffic.
    Another useful thing I found was video commenting (commenting with a video). And I didnt think it would matter but it did.
    Next I made widgets with these videos. Youtube started a craze with video. Now they get tones and tons of traffic and video sites are growing by dime a dozen.
    Thanks for sharing and way to go …

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    Nice post. I also prefer video tutorials as they teach lessons more vividly. I found that there is no preset strategy on how to optimize videos before before being online. Asha, the post would have been even more rewarding if you would have shared some thoughts on video seo.

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    No doubt that video is getting popularised all over the web. As we know images can capture better than text, videos can create much more impact than images. I prefer videos in case of tutorials and to know new happenings in web. Those who wish to brand the company or to promote sales can use video submission techniques. So catch the fish before others comes with the net 🙂

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    All internet marketing surveys point to a tendency on the part of online marketers to consider video marketing as a vital ingredient in their overall online marketing strategy. This is partly due to its wide acceptance among the net community and the various measurement tools in place to calculate the ROI. Yes, video marketing is here to stay and all indications point to a bright future.

  • avatar

    You’re right, many have considered video sites simply for uploading their videos only. The impact of videos among online customers just cannot be ignored though it is often understated. Now I noticed that some of the video sharing sites have social connectivity features and they can provide businesses with an ideal way to support and expand their online marketing strategies.
    Good & Refreshing post Asha!

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