Lead Scoring Fundamentals: 6 Steps to Understanding Your Audience

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Without a doubt,  the most effective way to drive sales is to determine whether or not a lead is ready for the sales team using lead scoring. To help you better understand your target audience, here is the process involved in ranking your leads by leveraging user data and analytics:

1. Identify Data Type: Implicit vs Explicit

There are two types of information you can gather from the user. Whether it’s for B2B or B2C purposes, data comes in two forms:


This refers to the data you gather directly from the user, either through a questionnaire, survey, or a submission form. Each medium’s data provides opportunities such as the level of detail being provided. Since the prospect is sharing this information with you, it is safe to assume the answers are relevant and accurate.  


Gathering explicit information on the user requires a deeper understanding of behavioural patterns. There are many clues that can indicate where they fit with respect to the buyer's journey and the intent that is driving each action.

To understand your audience, there must be a healthy balance in the types of information you collect. The more you know about the user, the more relevant your message will be. That being said, keep in mind there is a time and a place for every question you ask. However, it’s important to maintain a high level of user experience.

2. Gather The Data

The next step is determining how you will gather the information. Although collecting implicit data is straightforward, you will need to look at different areas to learn more about your audience.

3. Website Behaviour

Looking at site analytics can uncover a lot about a visitor’s intent and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Pages visited, time spent on each page, time spent on each page section, mouse movement and other factors can play a role in better understanding your user database.

4. Content Engagement

It goes without saying that content is the number one driver in converting leads, but how the prospects interact with these assets will help you determine what type of message or offer you need to put in front of them. Emails opened, webinars attended, ebooks downloaded, live demos requests -- there are many ways to segment the user based on how they engage with your content.

Start by figuring out what information you need to extract before building or segmenting your database.

5. Set Lead Scoring Levels

Now that you have all of this information about your target customers, it’s time to rank your database. Actions can be ranked based on the desired goal. If your objective is to convert leads, use a score that reflects that stage in the journey. Each type of lead will represent a different level of willingness when it comes to purchase intent. This is where lead scoring earns its reputation, as it allows you to hone in on users’ needs and provide content that is valuable and relevant. For example, a lead that downloaded an ebook may not be as ready for a sales pitch as a lead that has requested a live demo.

Use your current customer base as a reference point when lead scoring. They can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of historical and current conversion clickpaths. Score each lead based on their purchase intent and how far along they are in the buyer’s journey.

6. Organize and Segment

Now it’s time to categorize and segment your leads based on their score. Stick to a simple framework that is linear and easy to understand. The less you group your leads together, the more complex it will be. The idea is to start simple and grow as you learn more about your audience, so don’t feel the need to rush this process. You can always reconfigure your lead scoring criteria to better align with the latest data being gathered.

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    Informative article. Mentioned above are list of some great steps that can be taken under consideration for understanding your Audience efficiently. Thanks for sharing.

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