5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

So what’s the deal with video? Video campaigns are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website and your business online.

Video is not a new medium, and in recent years with more social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn embracing video content, there has never been a better time to incorporate video into your business’ strategy.

In this blog, I’ll outline five major ways video can help your marketing strategy. These are not necessarily all easy to implement into your business. However, in exploring them, I hope to give you a better understanding of why video is important and what overall elements make a video successful and worth watching. Let’s dive in!

Does your business need a video strategy?

Your business may be like many others in wanting to have video as an asset in your marketing strategy. You and your team may also be flooded with questions about why you should use it or whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

The fact is, every business should be using video.

While the benefits of video are countless, narrowing the medium down to how exactly it communicates with your audience to build trust is the hallmark of good video production. This applies to businesses of any size, and helps you understand the importance of incorporating video into your business strategy.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Video for Your Business

Five benefits to using video in your marketing strategy are:

1. It Helps Your Audience’s Understanding

2. It Humanizes Your Brand

3. It Creates Authority In Your Industry

4. It Gives Your Brand A Firm Sense of Identity

5. It Creates More Engagement with Your Brand

5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

How to Implement These Benefits: 5 Pillar Formula

Here we get into the good stuff. There’s a basic formula for video campaigns using the pillars of good video content. Let’s take a hypothetical example of you as a lawyer.

1. It Helps Your Audience’s Understanding

What do you lawyers do? Well, that’s an easy answer, but what’s more important is their respective area of expertise. For example, a personal injury lawyer may want to make a video explaining to their potential client base that they’ll be easy to work with, have a reasonable cost, be available to help you, and get you something for your money.

2. It Humanizes Your Brand

You want your video to reassure your clients that the money they spend is worth it, that every story has two sides and that you want to tell theirs effectively. Being approachable, personable, and appearing friendly helps with this. Even something as simple as including a pet in your video can help!

3. It Creates Authority In Your Industry

Whether other law firms are making videos or not, anything to distinguish you from the competition benefits your brand's authority and demonstrates the resources on-hand.

4. It Gives Your Brand A Firm Sense of Identity

Lawyers that share the same skills, or the same area of law, are all competing with each other. How a firm may stand out in this regard is by deciding what you want the ‘feel’ of your firm to be, which often depends on your brand identity. This includes using your brand name/logo, colours and fonts to create consistency and familiarity in your content.

Take this example from Preszler Injury Law as it is simple yet effective and incorporates all of these points:

5. It Creates More Engagement with Your Brand

Today’s consumers are visual people. Videos create an audio-visual understanding of who they will be working with in regards to your business. Lawyers may not benefit from organic social media as much as other businesses, but by simply running your videos as ads or posting them to create familiarity with your brand that will likely generate more engagement and ultimately lead to more conversions in the future.

Engagement translates to likes, comments, and shares. People will engage with your videos if the content is relevant to them and if it appeals to them practically and emotionally. For example, if you have a landscaping company and it’s family run, telling your family’s story in a video creates empathy and familiarity. People love a good underdog story or a grass-roots success story, so why wouldn’t they love your business? The grass is certainly always greener when you appeal to the feelings that inspire affection for your brand!

5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Where should you post your videos?

Videos are relevant on any platform where your audience can be found. Most people elect social media to attract new leads as it sees the highest rate of daily users.

Where your business’ videos are relevant depends once again on what works over time. If you have a plumbing business and find that you see more leads coming from Facebook than Instagram over an extended period of time  you may consider increasing your video content on Facebook.

Regarding video, Facebook competes with YouTube for viewers, but not in terms of the exact same form of content, as YouTube dominates long-form content (10+ minute videos). On the other hand, Facebook has focused on capturing a marketplace of short form and more raw content.

5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

YouTube and Facebook are two of the largest search engines on the internet. Facebook favours portrait-style video that is shorter over a landscape video which is generally optimized for and found on YouTube. Facebook videos often do much better when they clock in under 3 minutes, whereas YouTube videos are more successful when they run upwards of 5 minutes.

5 Pillars of Video to Help Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Ad spend can help your video get noticed by algorithms, as well as by organic search and reach. Optimizing a video for a specific platform and boosting it so that more users can see your video can help you significantly. Videos are easy to promote by nature, and are an unquestionably good investment both production and promotion-wise.

How can TechWyse help you?

Using all of our services at TechWyse, such as social media, content, SEO, PPC, and video will certainly help you gain an edge on your competition.

Video is about building a relationship with potential and existing clients, as well as allowing them to interact with and interpret your content.

Video is an art form. Therefore, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. TechWyse can help you determine what makes your business beautiful to your audience and how to convert that into meaningful and measurable content.

To put a bow on it!

Using video is also the perfect way to create content that demonstrates your business' most important facets, and creates a positive feedback loop of shareable content for potential leads. Video is highly consumable, a point that is particularly driven home when you see the potential for reach that video has.

TechWyse is an authority in video content. To find out more about how we can advise you on your video strategy and get you started with in-house videos, visit our video development web page.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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