5 Benefits of Using YouTube for Business

5 Benefits of Using YouTube for Business

If you frequent the internet, there is a good chance you have browsed YouTube and heard videos start with: “Welcome back to my channel guys!” or conclude with the classic sign-off: “Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment, see you in the next video!” 

Gone are the days where having a YouTube channel is reserved for the niche- micro- creator. Whether you are Apple or a local Mom and Pop shop, you are committing a disservice to your brand or business by not utilizing YouTube as a tool. As the world’s second-largest search engine, only behind its parent company Google, YouTube has over two billion logged-in monthly users. YouTube offers an unparalleled reach, tapping into a diverse global audience. 

YouTube’s search engine capabilities also boost discoverability, ensuring that businesses can be found by users actively seeking relevant products or services. The integration of advertising options, such as TrueView, Adsense and YouTube Ads, allows for targeted and cost-effective campaigns. 

In essence, being on YouTube is not just a marketing strategy but an indispensable tool for cultivating brand visibility and ultimately driving business success in the digital age. This article will provide five main pillars to utilizing YouTube for your business.

1. Businesses Can Acquire Qualified Traffic

Acquiring qualified traffic is paramount for businesses, and YouTube serves as a versatile platform to achieve this goal effectively. 

Unlike generic web traffic, businesses should prioritize quality traffic—prospective customers genuinely interested in their products, services and offerings. YouTube facilitates precisely this by functioning as a search engine, similar to Google. 

Users actively seek content by entering specific prompts, ensuring that those who discover your videos are inherently interested in your product or service. This targeted approach ensures that businesses attract individuals who are more likely to convert into leads or customers. 

By strategically optimizing video content with relevant keywords, businesses enhance their visibility in search results, reaching an audience already within the scope of relating to their offerings. The inherent search functionality on YouTube, coupled with the platform's vast user base, positions businesses to acquire not just traffic but qualified traffic—individuals genuinely intrigued by what the brand has to offer.

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2. Use YouTube Videos to Increase Your Visibility on Google

Leveraging YouTube for business not only taps into the world's largest video content platform but also acts as a catalyst for increased visibility on Google. Boasting over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has become a go-to source for entertainment, information, and education. 

Aside from being a standalone video-sharing platform, one of the benefits of using YouTube for business is that it significantly impacts search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. With Google Universal Search, mixed media, including videos, can prominently feature in search results. This integration allows businesses utilizing YouTube to extend their reach beyond the platform, showcasing video content directly on Google's search results pages. 

Often, the search results from a YouTube search, as opposed to a Google search, can be more refined when searching for a specific piece of content. Marketers recognize YouTube video production as a highly effective strategy, acknowledging its potential to enhance visibility not only on the dedicated platform but also on the broader Google search landscape.

3. Repurpose Video

As one of the most undervalued pillars for successful businesses on YouTube, repurposing content on YouTube for business emerges as a strategic and efficient approach for those aiming to expand their brand reach. It serves as a dynamic content marketing strategy that enables businesses to connect with a new audience segment that may prefer specific formats of information. 

YouTube offers a versatile platform that goes beyond traditional video creation, allowing businesses to repurpose content seamlessly. Whether it's podcasts, presentations, video recordings, animated films, or informative videos, the platform accommodates a range of content formats, fostering creativity and diversity. 

One of YouTube’s most useful features for utilizing this concept is #YouTubeShorts, a section of YouTube that is a hub for vertically framed videos. Similar to TikTok and Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts creates these rabbit hole-esque algorithms that keep users engaged for extended periods of time. 

YouTube Shorts are paramount to discoverability.  The beauty of repurposing lies in the ability to extend and elaborate on existing material, eliminating the need for additional research. This not only streamlines content creation but also ensures consistency in messaging. By tapping into YouTube's varied content options, businesses can breathe new life into previously published material, engaging a broader audience and reinforcing their brand presence.

4. Utilize High Conversion Rates for Videos 

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Leveraging higher conversion rates on YouTube for business proves to be a powerful tool for brand and business growth, supported by compelling data. Numerous studies underscore the higher likelihood of video content being viewed than written information, with videos processing a staggering 60,000 times faster than text. 

Beyond mere efficiency, one of the many other benefits of YouTube for business is that videos have a unique capacity to evoke emotions, fostering a deeper connection and leaving a lasting impression. This emotional resonance translates into enhanced recall, a crucial factor in brand building. Unlike other forms of web marketing, videos have the unparalleled ability to make audiences feel and think, making them memorable and engaging. 

Moreover, videos serve as a medium to humanize a brand, transforming messages from mundane to dynamic. This transformation builds trust and authority, essential components for sustained business success. 

As videos captivate attention for extended durations, incorporating them into a digital marketing strategy becomes imperative for businesses seeking to interact meaningfully with customers. This will ultimately contribute to higher conversion rates and the overall growth of the brand.

5. Build Brand Authority and Trust

Utilizing YouTube as a platform offers a compelling avenue to cultivate brand authority and trust, which are vital components for sustained success. Consistently delivering high-quality videos on the platform allows organizations to not only establish but also strengthen their brand reputation within their industries. 

There is a tremendous amount of power within audiences simply being aware of your brand's YouTube channel existing alone. This commitment to providing valuable insights fosters trust among the audience, increasing the likelihood of customers choosing their products or services; this also contributes to creating a brand halo effect, something we are heavily committed to here at TechWyse

YouTube's interactive features, such as shares, likes, and comments, create a space for community engagement. This interaction not only builds a sense of community around the brand but also transforms viewers into active supporters and brand ambassadors.

Skyrocket Your Business Potential on YouTube

In conclusion, the benefits of incorporating YouTube into your business strategy are both clear and powerful. With its global reach, visual appeal, SEO advantages, and cost-effectiveness, YouTube stands as a valuable asset for businesses seeking to excel in the digital landscape. 

If you're running a business and are uncertain about leveraging the potential of YouTube, consider this your call to action. Embrace the power of video content, tap into a vast audience, and elevate your brand presence. The time is now to embark on a YouTube marketing journey that can transform your business, connect with your audience, and pave the way for lasting success. 


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