Using RSS to Monitor Multiple Social Networks

Using RSS to Monitor Multiple Social Networks

Using RSS to Monitor Multiple Social Networks

As a Social Media Manager, it is important to actively monitor multiple Facebook & Twitter pages and stay on top of all worldwide user interactions. Ignoring your company facebook page or your company's Twitter feed could be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. When you manage multiple accounts on Facebook and Twitter, it can be very time consuming to manually comb through all of your pages, looking for interaction. By creating RSS feeds from your Twitter feeds and your Facebook pages, you can easily funnel all of the online chatter into your favorite newsreader and never miss a post, comment or tweet again! This article will teach you how to use RSS technology to stay informed about what people are saying about your clients on Facebook and Twitter.

Use Your Facebook Page’s Notifications RSS Feed to Monitor Activity

Instead of taking time to log into Facebook and manually look at each of your page notifications, here is a little trick to get Facebook page activity sent to you, as it happens! Using the built-in email notifications for Facebook can fill your inbox in a hurry, so here is an alternative method to track your Facebook page’s activity: The key to automating your notifications is by using your Facebook page’s notifications RSS feed.

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Each Facebook page has a corresponding RSS feed. Similarly, the page’s notifications page has an accompanying RSS feed also. Here is how to access your Facebook page’s notifications feed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Navigate to any Facebook page that you are the administrator of.

  2. In your page’s Admin Panel, look for and click the Notifications button across the top of the panel.

  3. Now, you are looking at your page’s notifications. In the top left corner, you will see, “Get notifications via: RSS”. Click on the RSS link and you will be taken to your notifications RSS feed!

Copy and paste the URL from the RSS feed and add it to your favorite RSS app (Feedly, Newsblur, Pulse, etc). Repeat this process for all of the pages that you administrate and you will never miss another Facebook page notification again!

Note: This tip is also useful for clients whose pages you manage, but don’t have (or want) a Facebook account. Simply set them up with RSS access to their Facebook page and they too can monitor how their fans are responding!

This tip can help you to manage multiple Facebook pages while you’re on the go, and keep you updated on all notifications as they happen! Read on to learn how to create RRS feeds from Twitter!

How to Create an RSS feed for Twitter Username Mentions & more!

How to Create an RSS feed for Twitter Username Mentions & more!

If you have been searching for this tip for a while, you know by now how difficult it is to get a straight answer on this subject. Indeed, it took me some time to figure thius out, and I am all too happy to share this tip with you, so as to hopefully shorten your search for how to get Twitter mentions into RSS format.

Twitter has been eliminating all RSS feeds from its site over the last year, so to get an RSS feed from a Twitter username or hashtag, you now must generate one using the Twitter API. The Twitter API offers some easy ways to get what you want, but for newbies who don't want to learn too much, this process can be overwhelming. Below, I have simplified how to go about generating an RSS feed for Twitter users, lists, and search!

How to Generate an RSS feed from Twitter Mentions

This is a little bit tricky, but the folks at The Sociable have really deconstructed this topic and created some great tools to generate these feeds automatically, but for the purpose of this article, the following example will help you to create an RSS feed comprised of username mentions on Twitter.

Getting mentions of a Twitter username in RSS format involves creating a Twitter search for those mentions and then having those results produced as an RSS feed that you can drop into your favorite RSS reader app.

Copy and paste the URL below into your broswer's window, and replace USERNAME with the username of the Twitter user whose mentions you want in RSS format (excluding the '@' symbol):

Note: the %40 in the above example represents the '@' symbol, so be sure not to erase it when entering your username

You're done! The resulting page from navigating to the above URL is a Twitter search for your @username in RSS format. You copy/paste the end URL into your favorite RSS news reader app or platform and never miss a tweet about any of your clients again!

Using these tips to turn your Facebook page notifications and Twitter mentions into RSS and adding them to an RSS reader app with notifications can send all of your clients' social interactions right to your smartphone and eliminate the need to consciously log in to your computer to perform maintenance on your accounts. I hope you learned something and thank you for reading!

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    This is a good article for someone who is just starting out networking. The audience is half of everything, it also ensures that you won’t miss out on any opportunity to respond to some commentors.

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    Darian Schouten 


    It is amazing to me how sometimes it is older (simpler) technologies like RSS that can be used to make life so much easier. IT is truly a powerful platform, but who knows what will happen to RSS in the future. Since Google announced that is was going to shut down Google Reader on July 1 of this year, it has many speculating what Google has in store and what it means for the future of the RSS platform as a whole.

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    Thanks Darian! I never really fiddled around with RSS because I didn’t really know what it is. Although I don’t use twitter or facebook for marketing, I still find it great that you gave step-by-step instructions with pictures included to make it really easy to follow.

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    This is a really awesome article. I just set up my sociable widgets last last week, didn’t include RSS because I wasn’t sure what it did. I did write “figure out what rss is” on my list of things to do this week, thankfully I found this article which made it simple to understand. I can see its value now and I’ll be setting it up very soon.

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    This is some very useful information, thank you! A lot of time will be saved when you are not constantly switching back and forth.

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    You really know what are you doing. The tutorial for using this (for the people who don’t know a lot about WP) is very simple, shrot and it is really working. I tried this and it is working on my site. Thank you. 🙂

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    Thank you Darian for another insightful article. I have learned a lot from you today. 🙂 Plus I like the way your explained the easy to follow steps. Keep up the good work

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