The “Musts’’ for Advertising Your Business on Facebook

The “Musts’’ for Advertising Your Business on Facebook

Are you eager to spread the word about your business on Facebook? You need to keep a few basic concepts in mind. Your opportunity will become attractive in proportion to the value you bring to the table. If you can provide serious value on a persistent basis you will naturally attract like-minded propsects. If you bring no value to the table few people will feel the urge to click on your capture page link or visit your business website.

You always get what you give in the Facebook world. By sharing your content freely you can attract prospects and advertise your business effectively on the social network.

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Create Persistent Value

Why should people check out your profile? Why should people visit your business website through Facebook? You need to post content which makes you stand out from the business crowd. This means running a helpful blog which allows you to establish authority within your niche. Think of it this way: you become attractive to people who want to learn more about your opportunity by giving them something to chew on. This means creating blog posts or videos daily.

Keep creating and you do not need to compete. You will lose your fear of competition by simply creating persistently, helping people with their problems. Forget about the idea of going against anybody, or trying to beat people to business sales. The anxiety this frame of mind creates only helps repel people otherwise interested in connecting with you on Facebook.

Free givers become popular on the social network. Slow down. Calm down. Create helpful content to give prospects a reason to learn more about you. Creating makes you magnetic to people who desire your product or service because this crowd is seeking for exactly what you provide on your blog, and share through Facebook.

Personal Not Business

This single lesson makes you most attractive to people who seek to learn more about your business opportunity. How can you stand out from the desperate crowd? Do what they refuse to do. Make it all about being personal, not desperately pushing your business down people’s throats. You can scare away people quickly if you desperately push your business on people on Facebook groups or on your profile. People will think you are using them, like a tool, and they will naturally sprint when they see you. Now, someone who intends to build a personal relationship will easily attract interested prospects. Why?

This person senses you are detached from outcomes, and you become more attractive, and so does your opportunity. You are interested in the person, not what they can do for you, and this massive shift can create miraculous results for your business. It can be a challenge to think in this manner for a steady period of time but if you analyze Facebook successes, you will see that people who detach from business outcomes rock it out.

You will advertise your business when you rarely talk about your business. People need solutions, and many look to Facebook to find solutions to their problems on niche specific Facebook Groups and Fan Pages. If you can run an entertaining and informative Group or Fan Page you will influence individuals to seek you out for advice, and a fair number of these people will readily gobble up your product or service.

Provide serious value over the long haul. Help people and your business becomes more attractive. Make personal connections with your friends. Stand out from the desperate crowd who simply shoves their opportunity down people’s throats. Use these tips to advertise your business effectively on Facebook today.

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Kelli Cooper, writing for Conquest Graphics, is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on all things social media to help people use this powerful tool to market their business.


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    I don’t know if I should start using Facebook or not. It annoys me a little, but I see how it can be useful for my blog.

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    I agree with everything this post says. Basically the sooner most businesses realize that the Facebook audience is a social rather than a consumer audience, the better. In other words, be socially valuable, give loads of useful advice, freebies and helpful tips. The less you ‘sell’ to your Facebook audience, the more sales you will generate.

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    Online Free Classified Ads 


    Actual meaning of Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take some new action.

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    Facebook is the one networking platform many businesses big or small turn to, and they have many subscribers. If small businesses though were to use facebook it might be hard to gain recognition because these businesses are local and are not like the well known companies like Mcdonalds or Nike.

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    This is one of the sections of the article that I highlighted: “Free givers become popular on the social network”. It makes me wonder if people keep on coming back to a person’s fan page because that person is giving without expecting to be paid (on the spot) for it. I fact, I don’t know if giving a consistent basis is strange in our current world. Consequently, Facebook users are attracted by it.

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    This information was very helpful for me, Thank you! I have been thinking to maybe making me a website and posting it on facebook and now that I have read this I think I will go ahead and do just that and I will keep your tips in mind!

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