Social Media Tips & Tricks

Social Media Tips & Tricks

A social media campaign is a great way to increase your company’s customer base and connect to your customers on a more personal level. In order to build a successful social media campaign for your business you must do more than create the account and post a couple of links. Take the time to follow a few easy tips and trick in order to create an effective social media campaign.

1.) Have a Clear Plan

In order for a social media campaign to be successful, you must have a clear and thought out plan prior to launching the campaign. Target your business’s social media activity toward specific goals. Those goals can be to gather customer feedback, promote a new service or product, or pique the interest of your target audience in a fast and personal way. Once you have your social media campaign goals in mind, you will have a better understanding of which social networking outlet is the best fit for your business. Also, a clear campaign plan will help those creating your company’s social media content focus their efforts in the right place.

2.) Create Exceptional Content

A successful social media campaign is entirely reliant on exceptional content that is updated frequently. Before you can create compelling content, you have to know what gets your customers to take notice and get involved. Take that attention getting information and funnel it into timely content updates. The best way to ensure frequent updates of high quality content is to create a cache of posts prior to launching your social media campaign. A healthy backlog of content allows you to carefully screen every piece before customers can see it.

3.) Manage & Monitor

The work doesn’t end when a social media campaign for your business hits networking outlets. A huge benefit of social media marketing is that it directly connects you with your customers. This advantage comes with responsibility though. It is important to manage and monitor response to your company’s social networking activities. The good impression made by social media campaigns can be turned sour if your customers feel like their questions or comments are being ignored. Schedule time regularly, at least once or twice a week, to moderate business related social media feedback from both existing and potential customers.

A successful social media campaign can help cultivate your growing business. By having a well thought out plan, only posting exceptional content and attentively monitoring feedback you can build an effective social media campaign for your company.

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    I am very new to Social media marketing. Thanks for the tips.
    What I understand is that I need to have several posts ready beforehand to be posted in a planned manner? Am I correct?

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