Ultimate List of Content Ideas for Your Social Media Strategy

Content ideas for social media marketing

Keeping your business active on social media is crucial. If you neglect it, you run the risk of people forgetting about you.

Are you struggling to think of ideas for your next post on social media? Creating content for your social channels doesn’t have to be complicated – here, we’ll give you different content ideas and how you can execute them to take your social media content to the next level.

Showcase Your Company Culture

Showcasing your company culture on your social media is super easy and can also increase your engagement. After all, we all love to see the faces behind the name! Here are a few ideas for showcasing your company culture:

  • Behind the Scenes

With behind the scenes content, you can showcase everything from your office to sneak peeks of the latest projects in progress.

  • Events

Share images and videos of events, whether they’re internal company events or external events like conferences — showcase what your business and employees are doing.

  • Employee Portraits

Put a face to the name with employee portraits! Many don’t get a chance to see the faces of those who work behind the scenes. Show a personable side to your business by creating content around those who do the hard work!

Write and Share Blogs

According to Hubspot, businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Blogs provide immense value to your customers, prospects and for your website itself. Blogs also go hand-in-hand with SEO and can help you drive traffic to your website, which, in turn, can assist in turning visitors into leads. You can write your blogs on many topics, from company news to new services, tips and tricks; your blogs can help you attract more website visitors by providing value.

Once you’ve written and published your blogs, you should share them on your social media channels as it exposes your content to a wider audience. Plus, not everyone may be visiting your website daily, so this gives them a reason to.

You can then repurpose your blogs in different formats, such as graphics and videos, to increase engagement and drive even more traffic to your blog. This allows you to get more out of the blog content, as not everyone will click the blog link that you share, but they may watch the video version! 

Repurpose Top Performing Blogs

As mentioned, blogs can be repurposed in different forms. Here are a few ideas to get more mileage out of your next blog:

  • Create graphics

Use platforms like Canva or Visme to turn your blogs into visual graphics. Create an eye-catching graphic to share alongside the blog link on your social media channels.

  • Quotes

Turn your blogs into quotes. Is there a stat or something that resonates with your audience that you could turn into a quote graphic? Don’t forget to add your branding when designing them.

  • Videos

Studies over the last few years have shown that humans have a shorter attention span thanks to the vast amount of time we already spend online. This means it’s even more important to create engaging content, like short-form videos. Create short and snappy videos that catch your followers’ attention as they’re scrolling through their feed — make them want to stop and watch!

  • Infographics

Do you have a blog post full of tips or exciting data? Turn it into an infographic! Infographics are a way to display content visually, they can enhance knowledge retention; plus, they look great.

This is just a handful of what you can create by repurposing blogs. The opportunities are limitless!

Celebrate Holidays

If you’re stuck for content ideas, try creating social media posts for national, international and even quirky holidays. Hootsuite has a list of quirky holidays that you can mark on your calendar, but if you’d prefer to have these holidays in your calendar, Wave. Video has a handy calendar that can be added to your Google calendar, so you’ll never miss a fun or unique holiday! Plus, they include content ideas and hashtags under each holiday to help inspire your post. 

Celebrating holidays can be as simple as creating a graphic, a fun gif or getting your colleagues involved and posting a photo.


We briefly touched on how blogs can be turned into short and snappy videos to catch your audiences’ attention, but what else can you do with video? Here are a few ideas:

  • How-to
  • Guides
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Testimonials
  • Product highlight/promotion

Video should be an important part of your social strategy. According to Wordstream, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video on social media. Plus, videos on social media can generate twelve times more shares than text and images combined. If you haven’t started experimenting with video, now is the time!

Share User-Generated Content

Do your employees or customers tag your business in their social media posts? If so, you should consider resharing them. This type of content is known as User-Generated Content (UGC.) It’s content that your audience took it upon themselves to create and share. This is also a fantastic means of creating organic brand awareness. But how do you get your followers to participate? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a Hashtag 

Encourage employees and customers to use a branded hashtag to promote your business in their posts.

  • Run a Competition 

A simple, ‘tag us in your post for a chance to win’ style competition can help create lots of UGC and engagement for your business.

Jump On Trends and Hashtags

Think #MondayMotivation, #ThrowbackThursday and other hashtags. Now, the first two hashtags mentioned have been around for a while, so you can find plenty of inspiration on the web for creating content geared towards them.

You can use hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday to share any notable events, milestones, celebrations or a fond memory in your business or industry.

If you want to jump on current trends, keep an eye on Twitter, Google Trends and Buzzsumo to see what’s trending in your area, or worldwide, to join the conversation.

Boost Engagement with Interactive Posts

Interactive posts — content that encourages users to comment or share — are great at increasing your engagement and overall reach. They can be as simple as a poll or more unique like a fun, visual graphic or online quiz. Here are some ideas for creating an interactive post:

  • Start a Conversation with Polls

Polls can be easily created on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Stories. Simply ask a question and watch the answers come in! Polls can be a fun way to increase engagement or can be used to benefit your business by asking your audiences’ opinions or for feedback. As it requires minimal effort on both ends, it’s a quick way to get results.

  • Create and Share Quizzes

We see the likes of Buzzfeed creating quizzes that draw a huge amount of traffic to their website — and you can do the same. You can create a simple text-format quiz or use platforms like Typeform to embed the quiz on your blog.

  • Checklist

Creating a checklist for your audience gives them something valuable to use and also potentially share with their audience and friends. Fun, short checklists can be shared on Instagram Stories, and those more suitable for printing can be shared as a graphic or PDF.

Curate Content that Resonates With Your Audience

Curating content is easy and less time-consuming than making something from scratch. If you don’t have time to create unique content, try researching your industry and see what might resonate with your audience if you shared it on your social channels. And don’t forget, always credit the original author/poster.

  • Third-Party Articles

Share third-party articles related to your industry. These articles may cover news, innovation, tips and more. If you’re unsure where to look for third-party articles, Feedly is a news aggregator platform that can help you find, organize and gather articles all in one place. 

  • Share/Repost Great Content

See a post on your social media feed that you think your audience would love? Why not reshare it! Not only is this an easy way to keep your social channels active, but sharing other people’s content can help you build meaningful relationships with influencers and industry leaders. Don’t forget to tag the author or creator of the original post!

Promote Your Business

What do you do? Create social media posts that push your services. Create graphics that list your services, create how-to videos that discuss how you do them. If you got case studies, testimonials or great reviews on Google, you should share them too. 

This is a no-brainer, but sharing your services and promoting your business should be incorporated into your social strategy and posted regularly as a reminder to your audience and potential customers about what you can provide them. Plus, sharing positive experiences from past customers and clients can help build trust with your audience.


As you can see, there is so much that you can do on social media — I hope that these ideas will spark some inspiration for your next post — it’s time to get creative!

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