The Social Media Management Tool That Revolutionized Our Social Strategy

The Social Media Management Tool That Revolutionized Our Social Strategy

Hello, Internet dwellers!

If you're reading this article, you may want to hold onto your wetsuit. We're going to be doing a deep dive into the social media management world (yes, I'm making ocean references, but you will understand why shortly). If you're like me, a Social Media Strategist or Manager, then you're likely sitting at your desk, managing a number of social clients, trying to keep up with the landscape while planning, posting, engaging, following, liking, tweeting, and more. You get the drift, it can be a cumbersome task and completely exhausting.

However, instead of making things simpler for myself (much, much simpler), I decide to carry on in my messy Google Sheets world. My team is frantically posting, planning, and approving everything in Sheets, while I wade through this whirlwind, trying to keep up with the constant client demands and the constant changes happening in the social world.

Sound familiar? 


Suddenly, a whale of an idea appears out of nowhere! It's a Social Media Management tool called HeyOrca!. Now I understand why they have an exclamation point at the end of their company name -- this tool is life-changing! By the way, this isn't a sponsored post or anything. I know, it's hard to believe because I feel like I should be a HeyOrca! brand ambassador or something. But, I love them.

Social Media Management Pros:

Collaborative Posting and Planning

Instead of planning out all of your posts in Google Sheets and using another tool for scheduling purposes, HeyOrca! allows you to plan out your posts on a structured calendar, giving your clients access to approve or reject each post. After each post is approved, it will be automatically scheduled onto the social platform of your choice. No buttons pressed, no time wasted re-scheduling, and you can go sit out in the sun and work on that office tan because we all know you don't get out much ...



Integration with Multiple Clients

This platform allows you to access multiple clients swimmingly. You can connect all of your client's social media accounts into one hub while adding internal and external members of your team to the platform. By adding your clients as "Admins," they then have the ability to comment on your posts with their feedback, so that you don't have to send them 50, 000 emails back and forth all day (you love that). Did I mention that plans start at $99 USD/month? And all teams come with unlimited users? Can I get a "Whale-Yes?!"

Centralize-all-clients-min-613x441-minConnects to Main Social Platforms

If your clients are connected to every platform under the sea, then HeyOrca! might work best as a planning tool rather than a scheduling tool for you. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles are all easily connected and will post right from the platform, while Google + and YouTube, for example, will all need to be scheduled as "demo accounts" and be posted elsewhere. Unfortunately, HeyOrca! does not have the ability to connect to these profiles yet.



Social Media Management Cons:

Platform Doesn't Connect to Instagram

Unfortunately, due to Instagram's posting guidelines, HeyOrca! is not yet able to schedule posts directly to Instagram. This is unfortunate, but you can still schedule the post to the HeyOrca! App on your phone. Once the post has been scheduled, you will receive a notification on your phone and you can post from there. Not a bad con, I might add.


No Engagement Component

I already had a chat with HeyOrca! about this one. Unfortunately, there is no place on HeyOrca! for engagement -- again, yet. This means that you will have to manually engage (the horror!) or use another social platform for that sole purpose. But, HeyOrca! has a chat feature and they are very responsive over there in the world of whales and all things social -- so chat with them and let's make this feature happen.


So guys and gals, I hope that you test the waters with this social media management tool and let me know if it improves your entire social strategy, as it has over here at TechWyse. Continue to engage with the HeyOrca! team, because they are working on new features and updates all the time and have already implemented HeyOrca! 2.0 now with a sleeker dashboard. Oooo! Ahhhh!

With that, I'll jump back into my daily social routines and sail through a day's work with my handy dandy tool, continuing to navigate this social space filled with pirates, parrots, and haters (it's not a p -- but it's important).

Good luck and happy socializing!

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    Hi Anne,
    The information you provided is good. But, truly speaking, in today’s era, there are a lot of advantages of social media. In this era, we can do anything and chase any difficult target only with social media platforms.
    Thanks for Sharing your views!

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