Social Media Landing Pages: Why You Need One and How To Make a Great One

Social Media Landing Pages: Why You Need One and How To Make a Great One

Social media is just a part of life now. We use it for personal communications. We get our news from trending stories on Facebook and Twitter. We select products and companies based on social reviews. It has touched every single part of our day to day activities and that isn't something that is likely to ever change.

Marketers are well aware of the power of social media by now: Their customers are there clicking social media links, following brands on social media and discussing businesses publicly.

It all comes to how well your website is optimized for social media traffic and one step towards getting it optimized is to create an effective social media landing page.

What are Social Media Landing Pages?

You are aware of what landing pages are and probably have at least one yourself. Every good website has a landing page to optimize for lead generation and it probably has a fair amount to do with your conversion success, as well.

A social media landing page is a separate page for your business to serve your social media audience that has a specific purpose, which can be used for various tasks. Want to get email signups? Expand your reach? Redirect people to specific deals or pages on your website? Social media landing pages are the place to do it.

But the analogy only takes you so far. What you need is direct action that takes your social page to the next level. You should turn it into a landing page, for real.

How Do I Make an Effective Social Landing Page?

You have two options when creating a social media landing page. Neither is necessarily better than the other and you will want to narrow down your own goals and strategies when deciding which route to take.

First, you can make a landing page more social. You would create the page as you would any other landing point for your website. Maybe you are ambitious and do this from scratch so it is customized to your very specific instructions. Or perhaps you are lazy like me and use a landing page builder like Instapage, Unbounce or Launchrock.

Make Your Social Media Audience Feel at Home

Next, you connect your landing page to your social media presence.

My personal favorites are this Facebook widget that creates a feed right there on your site, this Instagram widget that displays images from your profile and this social media widget that gives you large, attractive buttons as a CTA to direct to any of your social profiles.

Keep in mind that you can also do simple things like embed YouTube videos and Slideshare decks onto your landing page. You are only limited by your own goals and imagination.

Or you can go one step further and create a strong feeling of community on that page to make those social media lurkers want to become of it. Muzzle is a prime example of that tactic implemented well:

Implement Landing Page Best Practices

Here are a few tips to help you make the very most of your social media landing page:

Determine your main call-to-action

A social media landing page serves one major purpose to trigger some sort of action. Why generic landing pages target sales, this one is different: Social media users are lurkers.

Chances are they are not yet ready to buy. Your main goal is to stop them for a second and engage with your site at least on some level for you to be able to bring them back later, at the right moment.

So think about a social-media-specific CTA. One of the most effective tactics here is to offer them a solid freebie to get their email back. In other words, the best you can do with your social media landing page is to use it to grow your email list.

Look at Blog Basics as a good example of an effective freebie marketing: Their landing page is nothing but a big lead generation form.

why you need a strong social media landing pages

It can be any other type of easy action but keep it as easy and fast as you can. For example, Dir Journal just wants you to search: No sign-up or pay buttons. An action is what will keep them on your site for a while: Gamify as you can!

need of social media landing pages

Use only the best branded images

Social media users LOVE images. Sharing and viewing images is what they are on social media for, most of the time. So give them what they want: Create effective visuals to catch their eyes and encourage them to pause and look around.

Teambit is a great example here: They use a cool cartoon on their landing page which you cannot help going through:

Another great example is They use an irresistible animated GIF to attract their social media users' attention:

tips for making great social media landing pages

You can use tools like GIFBrewery and a banner generator to easily put together effective visuals for your landing page. Or you can use Creative Commons cartoons to follow Teambit's route.

Make sure your contact info is solid

I have lost track of the businesses that don't offer their contact info on their websites, so I need to stress this out again. You should have your website, a quick description of who you are, a phone number and location info all provided on this page.

Have some tips to add? Let us know in the comments!


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