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Attracting More Followers On Your LinkedIn Company Page [15 Hacks]

Social Media Marketing June 10th, 2013


attracting more followers in linkedin

Attracting LinkedIn followers comes with challenges. Namely, LinkedIn Company Pages are not as popular as Facebook pages and company pages haven’t been around as long. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to boost the number of followers your company has, you just might need to dig a little deeper and uncover some less obvious strategies, but I have good new for you: I’ve spent considerable time creating this guide that will increase your followers in no time!

NOTE: Please make sure that you’re logged-in to LinkedIn before using this guide as it contains a lot of links that will require you to be logged-in and if you don’t have a LinkedIn business page to get started click here.

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15 Strategies to Boost Your Company’s Followers on LinkedIn

1.) Install the LinkedIn Follow Button on Your Website

This is a no-brainer. Having a LinkedIn follow button gives people an easy way to follow you on LinkedIn. Follow this link for complete instructions to grab the code and install the LinkedIn follow button.
LinkedIn Follow Buttons

2.) Learn About LinkedIn’s Publishing Tools

LinkedIn Publisher Offerings – Full Walkthrough – March 2013 from Rohan Verma


You’ll need quality content, but there are a still options available to you.

3.) Join LinkedIn Groups or Create Your Own

LinkedIn groups are a great way to share your company’s content with a wider audience. Posting to LinkedIn Groups is easy. Simply click the share button on your content and select post to groups. See screenshot below. Many group members elect to have updates sent directly to their inbox; this is a fantastic way to get exposure and boost the number of followers for your company.

Share To LinkedIn Groups

To find groups relevant to you click here.

A word of caution about groups: make sure the content you’re posting is relevant to the group. If it’s not, you run the risk of being moderated and if you’re moderated twice you may be banned from the group.

4.) Share Your Content

Are you producing content? You should be! Without it you’re going to have a tough time attracting people to follow your page. This doesn’t mean writing a blog every day, but it does mean posting regular updates and sharing interesting relevant articles with your audience.

LinkedIn Share Buttons

What’s more, make it easy to share by Installing LinkedIn share buttons on your blog posts.

5.) Post Job Openings

Every time we post a job opening on LinkedIn we notice that our numbers surge. Makes sense right? Applicants want to demonstrate their interest in the company and stay abreast of your company’s updates in the future. Follow this link to get started with posting a job on LinkedIn.

6.) Cross-Promote on Your Other Social Media Pages

There’s no harm in asking your Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers to follow you on LinkedIn. Give them the link, add an enticing call-to-action and you’re done!

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

7.) Ensure Your Staff is on LinkedIn and Get Them to Follow

This seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how often you’ll find people within the company not following. Sure, they may not use LinkedIn as often, but that’s no excuse for them not to be following you. You can do this by sending out an email or mandating it at a staff meeting.

You’d be surprised, but there are a lot of LinkedIn hold-outs. The benefit of having everyone on the platform is that it accurately depicts the size of your company and a link to your company’s page will appear right on their profile.

8.) Get Your Staff and Co-Workers to Share Your Updates

Let’s say you’re in a 40 person company with an average of 200 LinkedIn connections per employee. If every one of your colleagues shares an update, that exposes your company to 8000 people! This of course assumes that everyone checks their feed. See tip #4 for how to install share buttons on your blog.

9.) Fill Out Your Company Profile From A to Z

LinkedIn actually gives you a lot of options for filling out your company profile. You can add products and services, create an eye-catching profile and banner photos and all the employees in the company will be automatically connected. Posting updates and sharing content will play a big part in this because updates are featured very prominently on your company page; so make sure you’re active.

TechWyse's LinkedIn Banner

10.) Designate Multiple Admins on Your Company Page

Having multiple admins means that there will be more people who are able to share updates on behalf of your company. Encourage these newly minted Admins to share articles they find (so long as they’re relevant to your industry). Huddle your team together, provide some examples of great content to share, then monitor the page to make sure updates are in-line with your brand.

To learn how to become a company Admin click here. And to learn how to add new Admins click here.

11.) Add a LinkedIn Company Profile Widget to Your Blog

In case you already haven’t noticed, LinkedIn has tons of cool widgets covering everything from follow buttons to share buttons. There’s also a company profile widget you can add to your blog.
LinkedIn Company Follow Widget

12.) Add a Follow Company Link on Your Email Signature

Did you know that LinkedIn has their very own email signature builder? You didn’t? Well you know now! This tool allows you to build a custom email signature for a variety of email clients. At first glance there isn’t an option to add a follow button, but you do get one field for a website. So instead of adding your website, you have the option to paste in your company’s LinkedIn Company Page URL. Do that and change the anchor text to follow XYZ company and you’re all set.

LinkedIn Signature

If you’re handy with HTML you can always create a custom email signature, too.

13.) Create a Follow Campaign with LinkedIn Ads

This might not be a tip for the budget-conscious, but companies like HP have had success with using LinkedIn ads to drive followers. See first-hand how HP drove followers using LinkedIn ads.

If you have the budget and you feel this is worth trying, get started by visiting LinkedIn’s Targeted Advertising page.

LinkedIn Follow Ads

14.) Ask People to Follow on Your Company Newsletter

Have a company newsletter? You’re in luck, a newsletter is the perfect place to include a call-to-action that will entice people to follow your company on LinkedIn.

15.) Analyze Your LinkedIn Business Page Insights

LinkedIn Page Insights give you valuable data about how your company is trending. It will give you stats like Page Views, Unique Visitors, Page Clicks and post engagement. But it doesn’t end there. LinkedIn gives you tons of valuable data about visitor demographics including visitor seniority, industry, function, region, company size and more.

LinkedIn Follower Insights

The metrics I’ve listed are just the beginning. If you’re an admin, navigate to your company’s page and click “page insights” or “follow insights” to gain access.

In Conclusion

I’ve gone to great lengths to research and accumulate all the links that will help you gain followers. One last tip I’d like to include is to be creative with your company’s page. Get your designer(s) to create great banners. Have your writer(s) spend time crafty witty and original copy to help you stand out. Offer exclusively updates for LinkedIn. That way if people already follow you on Twitter or Facebook they’ll have a reason to follow you on LinkedIn as well. Lastly, and this is the toughest thing: create a great product and/or service. Start with that and the rest will follow (no pun intended).

More followers = increased visibility and when you have visibility you will:

  • Attract top-quality talent

  • Attract new business

  • Improve company perception

  • Build your brand

And so much more. I hope this guide serves you well, and please feel free to share it on LinkedIn!

Here’s a list of all the links included in this post:

P.S. This guide was inspired by an email thread that went around my company on exactly this topic. I’ve gathered the best suggestions and added a few of my own. So this guide doesn’t only contain my own tips, but also the suggestions of some very bright people at my company TechWyse.

Please feel free to connect with me on social media @strategyinventr or leave a comment below!

Post By Steve Toth (122 Posts)

Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.


Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.
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Attracting More Followers On Your LinkedIn Company Page [15 Hacks]

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