IGTV Ads: A Quick Guide for Influencers

Instagram ads a guide for influencers

Did you know by 2021, 78% of mobile data traffic will be accounted for by mobile video. In an attempt to seize the booming market for videos, Instagram introduced IGTV in June 2018.

If you are an influencer, you will be happy to know that Instagram has recently announced monetization with IGTV ads. This creates an opportunity to make money and display the Instagram badges that enable users to show support for their favourite influencer during Instagram Live videos.

We have curated the information you need to know in this article if you are curious about learning more about IGTV ads and how to use them.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a long-form video channel available from Instagram and its new standalone IGTV app.

It allows audiences to experience the features of long, vertical videos on their phones. IGTV has a design like how you hold and use your mobile phone: full screen and vertical. The idea behind IGTV was to evolve with people who loved to watch digital video more than watching TV. So, smartphone users no longer require to twist their phones to see the videos.

IGTV is focused on the content creators you admire the most and already follow on Instagram.

While Stories on Instagram allow brands to publish 15-second-long videos with a lifespan of 24 hours, IGTV grants more options for creating and publishing long-form videos.

Instagram also introduced the IGTV series feature, which allows brands to produce a series of videos that can be released consistently.

Even after offering so many features, IGTV was slow to pick up because of brands turning to YouTube for its excellent monetary benefits.

This led to the latest development: the monetization of IGTV with ads.

In February 2020, Instagram declared that it had built an internal model for a partner program. And they are searching for ways to make IGTV a sustainable source of income for influencers.

Why IGTV ads?

When questioned for a reason behind the new feature, Instagram asserted that the absence of income kept A-list content creators away from the IGTV format.

Ad revenue could be an excellent inspiration for top originators to tinker in IGTV. These influencers or content creators will add unique content and also bring their huge follower communities from other platforms to Instagram. 

Intensified engagement will follow more promotion scope and income. 

Moreover, Instagram's affiliate platform is the same as YouTube's. This indicates Instagram can also expect to acquire some of YouTube's loyal viewers by this move.

IGTV ads is a move by Facebook to win the long-standing rivalry with Google.

IGTV ads: What should influencers know?

By having an income opportunity for content creators, Instagram expects to motivate more rich, high-quality content. As already seen, videos are notably popular, and platforms delivering more videos will win the race in attracting users.

IGTV ad's partner program for influencers and content creators is assumed to work on the same guidelines as Facebook Watch.

On Facebook Watch, ads are displayed mid-roll in videos of the shortest three-minute duration. If Facebook reflects the same model on its platform, IGTV ads will likely have these specifications.

As an initial test run, Instagram has encouraged a few of its top influencers to try IGTV ads. The ads will start displaying this spring. Instagram is yet to publish its partner program to the public, and the platform will vet creators rigorously before qualifying them for IGTV ads. The eligibility terms and conditions are presumed to be comparable to Facebook's content monetization policies.

Here is the summary for you:

  • The video should not contain sexual or violent content. Don't use cursing or vulgar language.
  • Content should not be prejudiced or offensive towards a particular community. Shun from posting content about controversial topics such as social issues and politics.
  • Content should be real. Don't use sentiments to gain the viewer's attention.
  • Content should be unique or adequately authorized.
  • Stay away from spreading misinformation, particularly medical consultation.
  • Posting offensive activities is stringently prohibited.

If you meet the above requirements, Instagram may allow you to post content on IGTV. Once your content begins gaining traction, you can expect to draw sponsors and earn money off of IGTV ads.

IGTV can be an excellent launchpad for beginner influencers as Stories are already brimming with successful influencers. Newbies can build their presence by creating fabulous IGTV videos. If they draw advertisers, they can begin making gains early on in their careers.

How to make the most from IGTV ads?

Content creators and brands necessitate to work out a mutually-beneficial alliance to get IGTV ads to work in their favour. Influencers will have to put in additional effort to produce engaging videos. Brands will have to conquer their fear of low viewership of IGTV.

One can unbar the potential of IGTV ads by keeping in mind some of these best practices. 

Instagram hasn't disclosed the exact specs and terms for IGTV ads yet, but considering these ads will work along with IGTV videos, they should support the same specs.

IGTV's videos specs are:

  • The length of the video length should be within 15 minutes for mobile uploads and 60 minutes for web uploads
  • MP4 is the advised format for videos.
  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16 for vertical videos, and 16:9 for horizontal videos.
  • The least frame rate is assumed to be 30 frames per second.
  • The least resolution is 720px.
  • Files should not surpass 650 MB for videos shorter than 10 minutes and 3.6 GB for videos shorter than 60 minutes.
  • The size of the cover photo needs to be 420 pixels by 654 pixels. 

Work on compelling ad copy and high-quality visuals to secure your ads more engagement. 

Influencers need to share IGTV previews to their feeds, which can fasten the engagement flow of vertical videos.

IGTV ads - Worth investing time?

Although it’s almost two years since its introduction, IGTV is still discovering its hold, and IGTV ads are indeed newer. To make IGTV ads familiar, Instagram first has to convince content creators to redirect their time and concentration from posts and Stories to vertical videos. 

If you recollect, the pivot-to-video strategy didn’t go too well for Facebook. In 2018, Facebook quickly changed its algorithm, after which content creators who had created videos found their incomes shrivelling quickly. So, influencers and content creators are taking their needed time to approve IGTV. 

Also, unlike YouTube, currently, there is a lack of information and acumens about IGTV. Without substantial numbers, influencers have no actual reason to broaden into long-form videos on Instagram, while short-form Stories are still immensely successful.

It’s after IGTV earns enough ground that we can think of brands to fund in IGTV ads. If it works then, IGTV ads can be a bankable moment for brands striving to get it big through Instagram marketing.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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