How to Make the Most of 4K Videos by Making It Compatible for All Devices?

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When GoPro brought the ability to record 4K videos, people got very excited and they loved it because of the stunning video quality. However, it’s not a unique thing these days as most of the high-end smartphones can record 4K Videos. But, there might be compatibility issue because low-end and mid-range smartphones, tablets, and computers do not support them. So what can you do to make those 4K Videos playable on all devices?

4K Videos

Use a Video Converter & Compressor App to Deal with 4K Videos

A Video Converter and Compressor application help you deal with all types of 4K Videos. There are many applications that can convert videos, but traditional converter apps are quite time consuming as they don’t come with the hardware acceleration feature. After testing some applications we found WinX Video Converter a great app that comes with many useful features that are as follows:

  • Converting Videos: WinX Video Converter can convert videos in any format. Whether you want to convert into Mp4, MKV, AVI or even Mp3. you can do it quickly with this app. Just drag and drop the video to the app, and the conversion option will popup itself. You can just select the format and hit the big Run button to start the conversion quickly. If you want to customize more, feel free to explore other options.

    4K Videos

  • Compress and Resize Videos: As we mentioned earlier that 4K videos cannot be played on low-end and mid-range devices, so you will have to resize to lower the resolution to make it compatible. Once done, transfer to any gadget and play them without any trouble. Even if you just want to keep all the 4K Videos stored on your computer, it will make it almost impossible because they are very large in size. Just have a look at the image below to understand how bad is 4K videos if you have limited storage. So you are forced to reduce 4K video size if you want to store more files on your gadget or storage. There are many other options in WinX Video Converter app to compress videos to decrease the file size without destroying the quality.

  • Hardware Acceleration: The app has built-in hardware accretion feature added that recognize the system you are using and accelerate its efficiency to process the video converter task quickly.

    4K Videos

  • Video Downloader: Along with all the video conversion and compression options, there is one great tool that will come in handy if you are among those who download lots of videos. The downloader option within video allows to download videos from many websites. All you have to do is copy the video URL and paste it and wait for it to process. It will then list multiple formats/resolution to select. You can select any desired format and resolution and download the video. Once downloading is finished, you will be able to play them offline and even transfer to other gadgets.
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