How to Improve Your Social Media Video Content

How to Improve Your Social Media Video Content

Creating quality video content is the key to reaching your social media goals. Whether your social media goal is to create content that educates, become the next Shelly Clouds, or get more eyeballs on your content,  you will not reach it unless you create quality content. 

Video marketing is an art. There is a reason that grandmas walking around in Juicy couture tracksuits are blowing up on TikTok. There is thought and strategy behind it, and I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of building an effective video marketing strategy and help you improve your social media video content. 

But first, What is social media video content? 

If you've spent even five minutes on any social media site, you've probably seen social media video content. Even if you're new to social media, there are plenty of places where you might have discovered social videos, such as on the news or sometimes even on billboards. 

So most likely, you will have seen a social media video in your time. The most popular social platforms that highlight video content are YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, but as video content continues to rise, more and more platforms are showcasing it. From dogs snuggling their cat besties to how-to makeup tutorials, there is a video for everyone. 

Why is social media video content important? 

Video content is important because this is the type of content that socials are now pushing, and therefore it is where you will get the best results. It is also important because when a customer is googling your brand, one of the first things that they look for in the search result is your socials, and if they go to your socials and you aren’t producing video content, let alone high-quality video content, they may become disinterested and look elsewhere.  This is where all brands should be focusing their marketing efforts. 

I’m going to provide you with essentially a fast pass to creating video content that will pop, draw in your market and get you that return on investment. 


The first thing you need to think about is your goal. What are you hoping to achieve? Improved brand awareness, increased conversions and sales or something else? To create trust between you and your customers? To acquire quality leads? Greater ROI? Establish a clear goal that will be the foundation on which you build your content strategy around. 

If your goal is brand awareness, then you may choose to showcase your products via demonstration videos or perhaps by partnering with influencers who could share your product or service in your video campaign. If your goal is to build trust with your clients, then express your personality, join in on a trending audio of the week or make videos talking about what you're passionate about. To build trust, you need to showcase that you’re a human and that you care about your customers. The best way to do that is to be authentic. 

After you have established what your goal is, then you should work on your video strategy. 

Jumping on a trend aimlessly without ensuring they align with your goal will not give you the results that you’re looking for. You need a strategy for your content. Your video strategy, or lack thereof, will be the reason your content either pops or deflates. 



When building out your strategy, you have to think of these key things: 


1. What type of video content does my audience like? 

There are so many different types of videos - How-to’s and tips, voice-over style videos, trending audio, humour, singing, educational, day in the life etc. Look at what your audience is drawn to and what engages them and those are the types of videos you need to focus on.

2. What is the trending audio right now? 

What audio are the influencers using? - Especially the ones in your target demographic. What type of music would your audience be drawn to?

3. What are my competitors doing? 

Do your research and look at what types of content your competitors are producing. Don’t copy them (obviously), but certainly, take note and think about doing something similar. 

4. How can I stand out? —Or —What makes me already stand out? 

What makes you unique? If you’re a brand, then what makes your brand memorable? Do you have a schtick that you do or a personality trait that people know you for? Lean into that and mould your video content strategy around this.

5. How are the trending videos edited?

Do they have quick cuts throughout the video? Do they have intros? Graphics? 

Along with your strategy for what kinds of content you will be producing, you must not start filming until you have your production in order. The biggest mistake you can make is to produce a video that looks like it has a low production value. I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy a $10,000.00 camera, but it's essential your videos appear to have high production quality. Perception is everything…but also your video will most likely get more hits because social platforms don’t like to promote quality videos to anyone's algorithm. 

Ask yourself this: 

What are you filming on? If you’re filming your content on an iPhone 5, I’m sorry to say, but it's not going to cut it. You need at least an iPhone 10 (and up) to be able to keep up with the quality video that's being shot these days. Androids are known for their excellent cameras, so that could be a good option too. But the pros certainly film on regular high-definition cameras. If you want to compete and make content that stands out, I would recommend trying to find the best bang for your buck.

How are you filming your content? Make sure that you’re filming vertically for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Horizontal footage really only looks the best on YouTube. Do your research on how the video content is shot on each platform that you will be posting on. 

How is your lighting? Are you shooting under the sun where everyone will be blinded? Are you in a dark room where we can barely make out your hair colour? Are you under a yellow light that may be changing the vibe of your video? Lighting is key. Across the board, natural lighting is usually the most effective and makes videos look the best. However, it really depends on your content, as mood lighting can certainly be effective if it aligns with your strategy.

How is your audio? Depending on what device you’re using, the audio could be great, but also could be not so great. Think about investing in an external microphone. They aren’t too much of an investment but they will make all the difference for your videos.

What length should your video be? Keep your video short and sweet (unless you’re filming for YouTube, as YouTube likes long-form content). Make sure to make your point within the first 3-5 seconds so that you don’t lose the attention of the person scrolling. 

Other important things to note: 

  • ou can now schedule your posts with tools like this AI powered free social media scheduler that will potentially grow your audience when maximized, so plan to share them at the best posting times to optimize on viewership (typically 12pm, 4pm and 8pm for North America). 
  • Repurpose your video content: Make sure to share your content on your website or it could be a great addition to an email marketing campaign. That way, your website traffic or email subscribers could potentially intertwine with your social media traffic and become better connected with you and your brand. 

Final Thoughts: 

When it comes to social media, if you really want to see a return on your investment (ROI), then you need to make great video content. If you apply all of these suggestions, then you will make great content, influence buyer decisions and become better connected with your target audience.

For more tips or if you need help with building an effective video strategy, TechWyse is here to help you with all of your social media needs. Give us a call at: (416) 410-7090

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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