How Three Iconic Brands Created the Brand Halo Effect (And How You Can, Too)

How Three Iconic Brands Created the Brand Halo Effect (And How You Can, Too)

If you could enhance customer value and loyalty through social media, wouldn’t you?

Well, I’ve got a not-so-secret secret that I’m excited to share. 

What is Brand Halo?

The Brand Halo theory is that if you can create a positive client or customer experience in one area of your business, you can then leverage those positive feelings to enhance the perception of your other offerings and capabilities. 

“The halo effect is correlated to brand strength, brand loyalty, and contributes to brand equity.” – Mitchell Grant, Investopedia

While this isn’t a new theory (Edward Thorndike first coined the term in 1920), it is still rather unknown. In other words, you still have time to dig into this marketing strategy before your competition does. 

Brand Halo in Action


Arguably, no company knows the value of Brand Halo more than Apple. Once people bought an iPod and fell in love with the sleek experience of using and owning an Apple product, that same community began to loyally purchase the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone.

“In the last 20 years since the first iPod was released, Apple has created a much larger loyal customer base. These customers don’t bother about the technical features anymore. They believe in convenience, looks to flaunt, and creating an ecosystem of devices for themselves.” – Shikhar Goel, The Strategy Story

Today, the entire Apple ecosystem has been designed with the Brand Halo effect at its core. 

“Moreover, Apple knows they are the best in business. Apple wants to create an experience that you can’t think of living without.” – Shikhar Goel, The Strategy Story





While Nike is now considered an iconic brand, this wasn’t always the case. In the mid-1980s, Adidas was larger by 50% and Reebok and Converse were close behind. 

However, once Nike got Michael Jordan in a pair of Air Jordans, creating incredible buzz, the rise of the Swoosh never slowed down. The exclusive shoe racked up more than $100 million in sales in the first year.

“[Nike] has paid [Michael Jordan] an estimated $1.3 billion by Forbes’ count since it signed its first deal with Jordan in 1984, and it has helped make him a cultural icon. It is the richest athlete endorsement deal ever but also arguably the biggest bargain given that Jordan helped transform Nike from a scrappy underdog into one of the largest, most valuable consumer brands in the world.” – Kurt Badenhausen, Forbes

Since Michael Jordan was cool, Air Jordans were cool, and, therefore, Nike was also cool.

Go watch AIR with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to learn more. Trust us, it’s worth it!




Old Spice

To refresh their public image, grooming product company Old Spice created a comedic commercial character, played by Isiah Mustafa, who embodied “The Man”. 

He was charming, handsome, and funny—the total package. And because female consumers enjoyed “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” character, they began purchasing Old Spice “After Hours” Body Wash (and other products) for their husbands, boyfriends, etc.

“The campaign's immediate success was evident from the millions of views the ad received on YouTube within the first 24 hours of being uploaded. But more than just views, Old Spice reported that sales of the body wash increased by 107% in the month following the campaign's launch. The company also saw a significant increase in their other product sales.” – Abhishek Aditya Sharma, LinkedIn 




The Key Benefits of Brand Halo

Retaining Customers

Brand Halo creates consumer retention by creating addictive and rewarding experiences. And with Hubspot reporting that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing customers, Brand Halo is certain to help save companies resources.

More Profit

It’s no secret that consumers are willing to pay more money for a brand they feel they know and trust. According to Stats Canada, 31 percent of respondents aged 18 and 34 strongly agreed that they would pay more for products and services from trusted brands, while the same was true for 18 percent of respondents aged 65 and over.

Brand Loyalty

With the consistent and strategic implementation of a Brand Halo strategy, subsequent new products by a brand will benefit. As stated by Validity, 72 percent of global customers feel loyalty toward at least one brand or company. Will your brand be one?

How You Can Embrace Brand Halo for Your Business

Depending on your industry, there are a variety of Brand Halo initiatives that can help take the perception of your brand to the next level. 

At TechWyse, our “bread and butter” is strategically planning, developing, and executing:

Video Content

From TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, we’re experts in shooting and editing engaging, insightful, and exciting content for brands across various industries. We help you grab and keep the attention of your audience. 

Influencer Marketing Content

Have you ever seen those videos where influencers visit a new restaurant and review the food? Or how about when they attend a new pop-up shop? We help make that happen by sourcing, collaborating, and managing talent on your behalf. 

Audio Content

Have you considered starting a podcast? We have the experience and equipment to help you showcase your expertise to the world. From topic ideation to editing, we make the process as smooth as possible for any business looking to dip its toes in the podcast pond. 

Written Content

When it comes to written content, our talented team knows exactly how to strike the right tone in your commercial scripts, blogs, and beyond. 

Have we piqued your interest? You’re in luck! We’ve created three monthly packages to get you started on the path toward greater brand recognition and loyalty… Are you ready to become an ambassador, influencer, or trailblazer?


Contact us here today to learn more.

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