How does Content Fuel Social Media?

How does Content Fuel Social Media?

There’s no doubt about how powerful content can be for businesses when it comes to ranking and SEO. However, many tend to neglect the idea of combining social media with their content marketing efforts.

In fact, many businesses focus on providing high quality content, yet they don’t see the desired traffic. With almost 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily (a number that is consistently growing, mind you), how can you have yours stand out amongst the rest? What is the best place to get your content out to the audience?

Social Media Reach

Using Social Media to Reach the Right People

Facebook and Twitter have 1.28 billion and 255 million monthly active users, respectively, while Google+ has 540 million monthly active users. These statistics prove that social media platforms can be powerful mediums in reaching your audience. With the integration of hashtags on social media platforms, you can even categorize your content to target individuals within your desired demographic.

If you’re not sure how to use hashtags, here is a great guide that will help you!

It’s obvious that by sharing your content on social media platforms, you’re going to drive more traffic to your website. Those not concentrated on a local audience can go as far as sharing their content more than once to target people in different time zones, allowing for a bigger reach.

Additionally, new followers may not see your old content, leading to the added bonus of additional traffic. By sharing your evergreen content from a few months ago, you can drive your new audience to older content!

The Domino Effect of Social Sharing

In my previous blog article, I talked about building trust with content. But how does social media help with building trust?

When you’re creating evergreen content to help people, you want the information to be discovered. When you share your content through social media, readers can like, comment, or share that information with their peers.

Think of this as a domino effect. If one person likes your content post on Facebook, their action is shown on the news feed of their peers. Chances are, some of their friends may have similar interests and may decide to share or like the content themselves.

That being said, it’s important not to abuse your social media platforms by constantly sharing your own content. Follow the 70/20/10 Facebook Posting Rule defined by Crystal Vilkatis, social media director at SnapRetail, to get a good balance within your posts.

The Domino Effect of Social Sharing

Gain a Higher Social Reputation

With the help of social media, your content can become more popular through shares and retweets. The purpose of these social platforms is to engage with your users and build up a network that can help spread your content, brand, and website. You want to update your platforms often, and what better way to do so than with some of your own content!

Although social sharing doesn’t affect your Google ranking yet, it does increase the popularity of your content. One of the goals of any content should be to increase traffic to our website and convert leads, and social can help this in a big way.

Next time you’re considering content marketing, think about the power of social media and vice versa. Sure, social media won’t improve your search rankings, but it will help you reach a larger audience and help you build a community. You don’t just want to generate leads; you want to be personable and resourceful for your users as well!

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