Gorgeous And Unique Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Gorgeous And Unique Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Black diamonds used to be the outsiders in the diamond world, considered as inferior industry-grade materials. However, due to clever jewelry designing and marketing campaigns; they have become one of the hottest trends on the market.Black diamonds are an enigmatic stone and no one really knows where this variety of diamond comes from. There are numerous theories as to its origins, and this has added to the mystery of the stone.

What we do know is that a black diamond gains its color from the presence of high levels of graphite or sulfide inclusions within the stone. When these inclusions are evenly distributed, the stone is evenly colored. An evenly saturated diamond is always more desirable. As impurities are a fundamental part of these stones, the clarity levels of black diamonds are not graded. Instead, the clarity grade is noted as being omitted.

Even though black diamonds are commonly opaque, with little light coming through, they have a very good sparkle and shine. When expertly faceted, these stones have a luster similar to that of colorless diamonds.

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In terms of durability, black diamonds are the toughest of all the diamond varieties and are excellent for daily wear. However, as with any gemstone, it is important to take basic precautions to prolong the life of your diamond.

Black diamonds pair well with colorless diamonds and can be used as accent stones for a more neutral touch. For a vintage style, you can pair the stone with yellow or rose gold metals but for a more modern, trendy vibe, choose white metals.

A diamond has to show its intricate cuts, and black diamonds almost always make the perfect items for it. These wonders are a worthy alternative to the stereotypical white diamonds. They are obviously in great demand among betrothal buyers, considering they are capable of making alluring bridal set engagement rings. They can bring a different visual feel to the entirety of engagement accessories which a bride would choose to wear.

Origin Of Black Diamonds

Being one of the rarest and most mysterious gemstones on earth, the black diamond is a very unique choice for an engagement ring. Black diamonds are dark and opaque, unlike a traditional diamond and nobody knows its true origin. Many geologists claim that it came from interstellar space about three billion years ago, and you can find it only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

Choose The Right Design

Since your engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewelry in your life, which you will want to wear in years to come, don’t make a rushed decision. Choose the design you love, whether it is trendy or not. A black diamond is still considered to be rather eccentric when it comes to engagement rings, but perhaps it suits you better than the traditional colorless one. It looks great on pale skin and you can choose between various settings to make it look brighter.

Black stone engagement rings can be extremely stylish and elegant and we think that they look especially good when paired with a delicate platinum setting and a circle of tiny white diamonds. The setting can also be in yellow or rose gold and you can accent your central stone with two clear diamonds on each side. Finally, you can match the ring with your wedding bands in the same style.

Shopping Tips

When buying a black diamond engagement ring, you should make sure that the stone is genuine. Natural black diamonds are more expensive and harder to find, so before you purchase your ring, check if it is the real thing. It is best to take it to a gem test laboratory to confirm origin and color, but you can also examine the stone yourself. Observe the edges to see if there are some scratches or difference in color, which indicates that the color might not be genuine.

Affordable Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond rings are an on-trend update to several classic diamond ring styles everywhere. While the popularity of the obsidian gemstone grows, so does our love affair with its versatility in everything from black diamond necklaces to bracelets to timepieces. Like white or 'colorless' diamonds, black diamond jewelry is set with this gorgeous neutral-color stone that won't fight with your ensemble and is perfect for daily wear. A black diamond ring-whether the black diamond is the center stone or accents another gemstone-is a fine addition to your collection, daily wear or not.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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