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Do You Need an “Awesome” Social Media Strategy to be Successful?

Social Media Marketing December 13th, 2012


Do You Need an “Awesome” Social Media Strategy to be Successful?

Anyone familiar with the many benefits of having a social media presence will clearly tell you that it’s something worth putting time and possibly money on. It puts you in the best position to increase your brand awareness and your profit margin. Plus it’s just the way the world is trending today.

However, no one really talks about how good your social-media efforts have to be. Do you need a strategy that’s awesome in order to compete in today’s market? Terms like “awesome” and “great,” etc, are awfully subjective, but what’s objective here is that, the better your social construct, the better off your brand is.

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5 Reasons Why Bolder is Better in Social Media

1: The Competition is Thick

One of the top reasons that you need a social strategy that’s great is that the competition out there is incredibly thick. Even if you’re operating in a smaller niche, you’re still working your way uphill in terms of earning brand recognition and loyal customers. Social branding in a way that stands out amongst the crowd is your best bet. Anything less may see your brand fall deep into the abyss.

2: Facebook is “Clean”

Although you can target Facebook ads and turn the site into an advertising machine, it’s nowhere near as cluttered as MySpace and some other social networks. Facebook is incredibly clean and organized. Even pages loaded down with multiple elements still have a flow to them – straight down the middle. The point here is that it’s hard to stand out on such a clean format. You can’t exactly throw in a crazy template to stand out. So, while attempting to play to the integrity of the site, it’s vital that your Facebook page capture attention when someone stops by.

3: Attention Spans are Shorter

Playing off of the previous tip, attention spans are incredibly short. Maybe you can find a metric out there to tell you just how short they are, but it’s common sense that people flip through pages and sites by the dozens when they log on. No one is focusing on a social media site like a novel. They’re flipping through them like a magazine. To that end, a bold, attractive social presence that’s engaging will bring more people to your neck of the woods.

4: Trust is Hard to Come By

Back when the Internet first burst onto the scene, it was easy to get somebody with an envelope-licking scam or some other nonsense. And that type of behavior has created a thick cloud around online advertising. It’s harder to earn someone’s trust today, so having a great social presence with regular updates, original material, engaged fans, etc, stands out as more legitimate than an inactive or bland brand.

5: It’s Good for Your Brand

At the end of the day, focusing on building a stellar social media presence is simply good for your brand. It makes your brand synonymous with quality. It gets your brand name out there in the ether. It gives people more insight to what it is you’re about. The better your social strategy is constructed, the more you’ll benefit in every possible facet.

Different social pages stand out as “awesome” to different people for different reasons. The thing you should focus on is constructing social pages that are representative of your brand and that are active, engaging and of a quality you can be proud of.

Post By Eric Taylor (1 Posts)


Eric Taylor currently works as a freelance writer and business developer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad manager tool. The company provides information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing latest trends strategies, most specifically on facebook. Qwaya's aim is to build and develop a sophisticated tool with powerful features that are user-friendly and affordable for online advertisers and social media marketers world wide.

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Do You Need an “Awesome” Social Media Strategy to be Successful?

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