4 Important Social Media Marketing Trends

4 Important Social Media Marketing Trends

In the world of social media marketing, a lot of people use the wrong strategies and end up reducing their traffic from their target market instead of attracting them. If you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to make use of a good combination of strategies.

For instance, in order to increase profits, devise your SEO strategies and base them on current trends, you may also want to use your social networking websites more effectively. Below are 4 important social media marketing trends you may want to take note of.

 1. Social networking sites are more effective than daily deal sites nowadays

Although daily deal sites were quite popular and very effective in attracting targeted customers back in the day, research shows that most current marketers are no longer using these sites for their campaigns, as they prefer to focus on the returns that they receive from purchases. If you want to improve your marketing goals in the long term, it’s best to use social networking websites from now on.

Social networking sites are more effective than daily deal sites nowadays


2. People no longer check-in online as much as they used to

Research shows that people don’t use geo-location applications and services to automatically check in to different locations as much as they used to. This goes to show that people are more worried about their safety and privacy. To tackle this particular situation and encourage more check-ins, try introducing more rewards and contests.

People no longer check-in online as much as they used to


3. Social bookmarking sites are no longer popular

Research shows that people don’t use social bookmarking sites as often as they used to. Although sites like Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon are still popular with marketers, most of the other sites are dying. As such, it would be best not to trust bookmarking sites solely for marketing purposes. What you should do instead is look for popular sites and do the bookmarking with heed.

Social bookmarking sites are no longer popular


4. Social media campaigns will only work on top websites

Social media marketers use campaigns on social networking websites to promote their products and services and attract potential customers. However, these campaigns will only succeed if they are used on popular websites. Research shows that the people who spend at least 40 hours every week on social media marketing tend to carry out more intense campaigns through Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, as opposed to people who spend less than 6 hours per week on it.

Many marketing experts are currently planning to increase their amount of Twitter campaigns. Younger marketers, on the other hand, prefer to use photo-sharing websites, particularly Instagram. A lot of them are also using blogs, though most of them are still turning to Facebook and Google+ for most of their campaign needs.

Twitter 2Twitter 1

If you’re still stuck in the past and using old social media marketing strategies with hopes of getting ahead, it’s time to turn to newer strategies that are based on the trends above. If you are not aware of how social media marketing works, it’s a good idea to hire a reputable and professional company to get the work done for you.

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