3 Ways to Boost your Rank Through Social

3 Ways to Boost your Rank Through Social

Most online marketers and Internet business owners find it a tough challenge to bring their sites on top of Google Search. But based on observation and statistics, people have been populating social networks more than they do in blogs and other Internet sites. Due to this, recent SEO strategies are often directed towards social media advancement. But with the current level of competition in these networks, how will you surpass others?

Here are ways to take full advantage of social networking sites:

Build a Social Network Profile that Sells

When people hit the Google search button, they are usually directed to relevant sites through the use of keywords and phrases that are related to their search. With this thought in mind, you should come up with a social network profile that is designed to help people find your site in an instant. You can do this through optimization. Use tags and keywords that will make your social network profile become visible to Google searchers. Use it in your username, posts, photos and notes. Relevant and properly optimized profiles are the frequently viewed and visited by a lot of searchers. So search for the key words when you are reading.

Maintenance is a Must!

You cannot create a social network profile without any intentions of updating it in a regular basis. You should know that active profiles are noticed more in Google searches. Viewers are constantly craving for new information and data. The moment you capture their attention, you have accepted the challenge of providing them with the latest trends and ideas. Maintain your social network profile and make sure that your followers keep craving for more.

Focus on Audience Retention

In addition to regular updates, you should establish a healthy relationship with your viewers. This shall earn you their trust and acceptance. Their loyalty to you and to your site will earn you potential referrals and additional viewers later on. So think of ways to keep your target audience entertained and make sure that you give them a reason to keep dropping by your social network profile.

In creating a social network profile, you should not forget that within the network, interaction is the most important aspect. Communicate with your target audience and allow them to feel free in doing the same. Though viewers rely on you for information, you also depend on them for recognition. If you wish to make it to the top of Google Search, create opportunities for your audience to benefit from your network.

Top 5 Social Network Sites You can increase visibility in Google Search by creating profiles in leading social network sites. Based on statistics, the following sites are leading in terms of viewers and users: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr ,Google +.

Other than these social networks, you can also check out sites such as Linkedin and chat rooms at Mezee.me to enhance your online presence. You can even create personal blogs with minimal effort. To determine which social network best suits your purpose, take time to test each one and see the results.

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    Thinking about social profiles in this way is a new idea for me.Thank you for the knowledge…keep going

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    Interacting on social media is crucial – having a few engaged people is a much better strategy than aiming for many followers who don’t even read what you write.
    I think you have to be careful with keywords though – sure, you can stuff them into your user name and descriptions but you still have to appeal to real people who get suspicious of keywords everywhere.
    Choosing a social media platform also depends on your audience. For example, if you sell dresses or flowers, you’d be mad to not get on Pinterest and Flickr, but a budgeting site will probably do better on Facebook where you can find people worrying about money. You don’t have to be on them all – and shouldn’t if you can’t maintain them all.

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    Three easy ways to follow, but I find it hard to do. I really tried but there are so many sites, and it takes so much time to use them. actually, it takes a lot of time to correctly use it. I’m happy I found this blog, it made so many things clearer and I can use a lot of things more efficiently

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    No doubt you make a good point when you talk about audience retention. The problem with my social media marketing is that I write about such boring topics as budgeting and saving money. Most people only read about these items if they are searching for a specific problem. That makes social marketing difficult for me. Let’s face it, how many pins do you see at Pinterest about financial topics?
    I agree that it is still a must though. I have accounts at Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Digg and several other social bookmarking sites to at least give someone the chance of finding my site there.

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    I’m glad you pointed out the increasing relationship between social media and search optimization. It was a good reminder to me.
    I agree that good maintenance is a must. When I make a comment on a company Facebook page, I expect a prompt response!
    I would also encourage anyone to use a little wit or humor to engage people. There is nothing like making someone laugh a bit to entice them to remember your site. This would work well for most sites, although not for those that whose subject matter is intensely serious.

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