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Panda 4.0 – The Next Generation of Panda!

Search Engine Optimization May 22nd, 2014


Panda 4.0 – The Next Generation of Panda

Howdy dear SEOs, Finally all our speculation comes to an end. Matt Cutts on Twitter announced that Google started rolling out Panda 4.0



Image: TechWyse

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What is the focus of this update?

Panda algorithm is designed to prevent sites publishing poor quality content from ranking on first page of Google search results. Panda 4.0 seems to be major update that means Google has made changes in the algorithm, moreover how the algorithm identifies and classify sites with poor quality content. According to Search Engine Land, the impact is ~7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.

According to RocketMill, the following industries has been affected the most by Panda 4.0.

Sectors affected by Panda 4.0 | Create Infographics

30 day SERPs volatility Index from serps.com also indicate a similar trend.

30 day SERPs volatility Index from serps.com.

In a follow up post from Rishi Lakhani, Deconstructing eBay.com’s Organic Loss it proves that eBay has been victim of Panda 4.0. According to Larry Kim from WordStream, eBay is suffering a massive loss in organic traffic and ranking. He calculated the loss of organic traffic to be roughly 80%.

eBay Share of top 10 ranking from Dr Pete, Moz.

eBay Share of top 10 ranking from Dr Pete, Moz.

What Panda 4.0 mean for you?

Panda 4.0 is designed to identify and classify websites having thin and low quality content. Based on the data, it seems this is one of the major updates in recent memory. Make sure you have an SEO agency who can audit your site’s content. If you are not careful there are high chances where your organic traffic could be hit due to Panda 4.0.

Stay patient, but make sure you are keeping close eye on your analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (in particular search queries, impressions and clicks).

Have you seen wins or losses yet? Share your experience  with us, we will do our best to help you!

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With years of experience in the internet marketing industry, Christy prefers to focus on; Analytics, CRO, SMM, Local SEO and Link Earning. With search becoming more focused on local and personalization, Christy believes companies that capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top.

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Panda 4.0 – The Next Generation of Panda!

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