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Improve Search Rankings With Internal Linking

Search Engine Optimization May 8th, 2009




We all know that inbound linking from other web properties is a factor in getting good search engine rankings.

Link building is tedious, boring and in general not all that exciting.  We do it however, because we want people to know about our site.  It’s good PR!

With all the hype and talk about Google’s PageRank and the power of inbound linking, I often find that "Internal Linking" is the forgotten little brother.

So let’s step back and take a closer look at what you can do in your very own back yard.

Let’s look at some internal linking basics. 

Internal Linking Suggestions

Internal linking is very important in allowing search engines to crawl through your site.  They read the keywords that you highlight and follow where you are sending the traffic.  A strongly interlinked site can help your rankings tremendously as the major search engines are then better able to read through your website.

Here is a list of some of my suggestions to help improve your inter linking

  • Avoid using images or JavaScript for text linking, search crawlers have difficulty reading and following these links.  If you are using images how can you expect the search engines to read what the link is about?
  • Use keyword rich words to link to your different web pages.  These links are called anchor text.  The anchor text tells search bots what the linked page is about. Be careful not to over-use the anchor text with too many keywords, the phrase should sound and look natural.
  • Ensure the linked page matches closely to the linked words. If your linked words are “LCD Televisions” then the page it is linked to should be about LCD Televisions, and not home stereos, for example.
  • Concentrate on linking to internal pages, and not always linking to your domain name / home page. Again this has to do with relevancy of pages against the linked words. Although your home page may make sense to link to, the home page is generally an over view of the entire site, such as All Televisions and not necessarily focused on LCD Televisions, from the above example.
  • Ensure that every web page has a link to your home page, so that you can optimize your SEO and increase inbound links to your domain.  This is also proper website usability.

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Improve Search Rankings With Internal Linking

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