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How To Gain Google's Trust Through Powerful SEO Tactics – 3 Tips You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization June 10th, 2013


Google trust

When most people are developing new websites and brands they often think of Google. Many questions come to mind regarding the search engines and proper search engine optimization techniques. However, when thinking about your websites success today, carrying that success into the future takes much more than just SEO. Read through the follow tips to understand how you can begin to develop a trustworthy relationship with Google.

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1. Content

This is one of the top tactics that doesn’t get the attention nor consistency it deserves. Many of us have heard that content is king, in fact, there are a lot of people that will argue that phrase. Some people don’t think that consistent blogging is vital whereas others swear by it.

However, content is important, it is necessary for almost any website. Although, your website would determine how often you add content and whether or not you need to add more. For some websites and topics you may only need to stick to static content, whereas others can see a tremendous boost in their overall rankings and visitors if they consistently blog.

Whether or not you are blogging consistently or just maintaining your static content, you must make sure your content is original, unique, and powerful. Make sure it speaks to your audience, is well put together, and most importantly, make sure it is original.

2. Social Integration

Engage on your social media platforms. This is one thing many websites fail to be consistent with and in fact, some fail to do it at all. It is vital that you maintain a good presences of all major social media platforms. Make sure you engage with your followers and most importantly make sure you are consistent.

Abandoning your accounts for weeks at a time doesn’t help you whatsoever. In fact, not only are your consistent efforts on social media accounts good for your relationship with Google but your audience as well. The more consistent you are, the more of a following you will begin to develop and reach out to more people.

3. Relationships With Others

One of the most powerful seo tactics that can help your website gain Google’s trust is by developing relationships with other websites. When you develop a strong relationship with them and begin to gain backlinks from their site, you will become more trustworthy. However, don’t just gain a relationship with any website.

Try getting websites with a PageRank of 3 or above and make sure their website focuses on a topic that is related to your industry and niche. Unrelated topics and low ranked websites won’t allow Google to think highly of your website. Begin gaining backlinks by guest blogging on trusted and related websites.

Why You Need Their Trust

Most small website owners’ goal is to just get ranked for specific search results and gain more unique visitors to their site. However, having a successful website consists of much more than just that. In addition to any SEO site tools you may be using, gaining a good relationship with Google and other search engines is vital to maintain a good and powerful website now and tomorrow.

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Robert is a social media guru. He specializes in all things related to social media and brand growth. He has also helped many websites integrate seo site tools and social media to lead their websites to success. When he isn’t busy working, Robert enjoys gardening as well as participating in charity events.

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How To Gain Google's Trust Through Powerful SEO Tactics – 3 Tips You Should Know

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