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A Fresh Look for Google Search

Ok, so it wasn’t just me that noticed a change in the Google website!  After doing some research into the latest changes I came up with some new findings.

Google has now converged its search space so that when we do a search on Google, instead of just showing the most relevant search for information on another website, it now shows a convergence of everything including, news sites, blogs, video and anything else it deems relevant to that particular search request.

“It’s breaking down the silos of information that have been built up,” says Marissa Mayer, Vice President of the search and user experience area at Google.  “It’s broad long term vision will unfold over the next few years.”

Sergey Brin called it "the largest revamp we've made to search in years."

Interesting stuff!  But what does this mean to us?

Well for one, "YouTube" a company purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006, will now have even more exposure in search as video gets indexed.

It also means (according to Google) "a better search experience." 

How will this effect Search Engine Marketing Companies?

This will effect the way search engine optimization companies do their work.  How so?  Well since Google is now looking at more then just one angle in its search relevance, all of these other areas that have now been thrown into the arena will now be attractive venues to ensure SEO companies are promoting.

These new enhancements mean that search engine marketing will now take on an even bigger focus.  This means more services, more content and more to promote.

Is this a good change?

I think anything that improves the search experience helps us.  Do I think this is a good move by Google?  Well — I think anything that improves the search experience is a big plus.  I am sure Google has done it's homework and tested the market but I do think an element of risk exists when a company fundamentally changes the medium that got them to where they are.   

We will all wait and see how this unfolds.  Google has developed its own loyal base of watchers that act and react according to every shake and rattle done by the company.   In the end, we all just need to be assured of Google's basic premise ‘not to be evil.’

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