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What makes Great PPC Campaign Management?

Pay Per Click August 1st, 2014


What makes Great PPC Campaign Management?

As a Senior Account Manager at TechWyse Internet Marketing I get asked this quite often. My answer is simple; transparency, experience and expertise.

What makes Great PPC Campaign Management?

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Many internet marketing companies charge their clients a flat monthly fee which includes their actual Google AdWords PPC spend and the company’s monthly fee. Their monthly fee is usually undisclosed and is buried in the monthly total. In most cases the monthly service fee is upwards of 40% to 50%. This means if you are engaged another marketing company with a $500 / month PPC budget, the actual dollar amount going to Google Ad Words for PPC advertising is $250 and the monthly service fee is $250.

Similarly if you had a $2,000 a month PPC budget, $1,000 would be going to Google AdWords and $1,000 would be going towards the monthly service fee.

With a company like TechWyse Internet Marketing everything is transparent. We do not bill you for your actual Google AdWords spend. Instead, Google bills you directly. Your management fee to TechWyse is a flat rate of $195 / month or 15% of your total PPC spend, whichever is greater.

What this means to you is, if you had a monthly PPC budget of $1,000 Google would invoice you directly for $800 in PPC AdWords advertising and TechWyse would invoice you $195 in management.

You would get an extra $300 in PPC advertising for the same monthly cost to you!

I have many clients who have switched to TechWyse for their PPC and kept their same monthly budget. They are usually surprised when they see a vast increase in PPC traffic and PPC leads with the same PPC spend. This is due to 2 reasons:

    1. The majority of their monthly budget is actually going toward Google AdWords!
    2. The method in which we select keywords and geo target them to specific locations. Geo targeting keywords at the Ad Group level one of the many advanced strategies TechWyse employs for our clients.

Overall, clients see a leveling off of PPC cost per acquisition and then a lowering in the cost per acquisition over time. This may not be true with every industry as this can be tied to the competitive nature of your niche. However, the majority of my clients have told me that they have seen a drop in cost per acquisition and an increase in PPC lead conversion under our management.

In addition to the 2 main PPC areas I mentioned above, you get the following additions when marketing with TechWyse:

  1. TechWyse uses our own reporting system called AdLuge. With AdLuge you can track all your inbound leads in real time. For more information on AdLuge please visit: AdLuge.
  2. When TechWyse manages your PPC campaigns we direct traffic into your URL. Unlike some competitors, we do not build new websites with unrelated URL’s. This gives you more exposure in Google when a search is done. In many cases you can show up under both PPC and Organic search. You could even show up in Google Places. You could appear in up two or three positions on a Google search page, taking up more real estate. This is better exposure and brand awareness for you, and less area for your competitors!
  3.  At TechWyse we don’t just “set it and forget it”. A successful PPC campaign needs continual review by an expert. We are constantly reviewing your campaign for optimal performance. We may:
  • Add new keywords
  • Pause underperforming keywords
  • Write new ad copy
  • Pause underperforming ads
  • Make continued bid adjustments
  • Recommend more targeted Landing Pages
  • Do A/B Testing

All of this fine tuning will lead to a better performing PPC campaign and greater PPC lead conversions.

Pay-per-click management has become an art and science to itself. Ensure you have a marketing partner who understands your business and has the experience/expertise to take your PPC Management to the next level while maintaining transparency.

Post By Eddy Isenberg (8 Posts)

Eddy's vast and varied management background in retail, wholesale, operations and online marketing make him a valuable asset to any marketing team.


Eddy's vast and varied management background in retail, wholesale, operations and online marketing make him a valuable asset to any marketing team.
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What makes Great PPC Campaign Management?

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