What Business Types are Best Suited for a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

What Business Types are Best Suited for a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Most any business will benefit from a PPC campaign. The AdWords marketing auction system was designed so that small business can actually have a viable marketing catalyst to compete against big business. When a company bids to be on the top of Google’s search engine results page they are (almost) guaranteed to earn qualified leads. However, PPC campaigns are more advantageous to industries with these specific requirements and goals:

1. The Highly Competitive Market

Businesses such as insurance companies, law firms and real estate agents are in saturated markets, on and off the web. Even with the best Internet marketing behind your website, a PPC campaign will provide your business with an enormous boost that displays your site to thousands of qualified leads.

Should you bid on competitive keywords? Absolutely but keep a few tips in mind:

  • Have a Landing Page. If your business has a maximum threshold of $10 per click, potential customers should be directed to exactly the product or service that enticed them to click on the ad in the first place. Do not send them to the home page, where they have to start the search again. Chances are they won’t even bother. The customer has already found what they are searching for, now reel them in! The landing page is not a pitch, it’s the close! The best way to measure the success of your ad in relationship to the landing page is to track the bounce rate and average time spent on the page. This can easily be monitored via Google Analytics.
  • Be very specific. Use only the keywords that are relevant to your business. This attracts customers that are looking for the exact product or services that you offer. Use keyword tools and match types to generate the best keywords for your campaign. Bidding on keywords that match the content on your landing page also significantly increases the quality of a business’s PPC campaign.

Injured in a Car? < Should take clients to a landing page specifically for car injuries. Include a clear contact.
Our Law Firm Focuses Exclusively On
Auto Injury Cases. Call Us Now! < Very specific!

  • Have a Great Website. Marketing budgets are completely wasted if the site is not: aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, clear and friendly. A company can throw a million dollars into their PPC campaign, but if the site is off-putting, a back-click is an easy tap away.

2. Location Specific

One of the best ways to hone-in on your target market is to be location specific. There are many competitive online businesses (online degrees, online insurance) but if you deal locally, you’re in luck! PPC ads that specify their service location are using one of the best strategies to tap into qualified leads.

Toronto Condo Listings < Very specific in terms of location and service (condo specialist)

Start Your Search Here. Find The
Toronto Condo Of Your Dreams.

3. When you want Results...Right Now!

Whether you have just launched a website and your SEO results have not taken effect, or you have a limited-time promotion, PPC will deliver immediate traffic. Even if your sale ends in a couple of days, with the approval of ads, your business will be visible to millions instantaneously. The added bonus of PPC is that your ads will be displayed on fringe keyword categories where SEO may not rank as high.

Pay per click campaigns that are managed effectively and monitored routinely produce the best results for competitive industries, location specific businesses and companies that want instant traffic. If your business falls into one of these categories, a PPC campaign will get your website noticed, and provide you with quick, qualified leads. Achieving instant results is not easy and it’s a major reason why digital marketing agencies are crucial, as they eliminate wasted time and help maximize your marketing dollars.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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