Using Google Seller Ratings to Rev Up AdWords ROI: a Step by Step Guide

Using Google Seller Ratings to Rev Up AdWords ROI: a Step by Step Guide

Did you know that Google Seller Ratings can be of great help to you and your business?

In fact, the majority of online businesses that have managed to develop a solid reputation have done so with the help of these seller ratings. So, what is the real power behind Google Seller Ratings?

First, Google Seller Ratings go a long way in letting shoppers know how good your products are. What most people fail to know is that seller ratings equate directly to the reputation of any business. This means that whenever you display your ratings alongside your ads, prospective customers will be in a better position to judge what they should expect from the seller. Bad ratings will definitely draw low sales -- and vice versa.



The basic way in which Google Seller Ratings work is through SEO. This means that ratings are usually presented along with Google Search Results. For instance, whenever a person is searching for a product on Amazon, the first thing they see is the Google results coupled with the respective ratings.

The question is: How can one get the best Google Seller Ratings?

Remember that products with poor Google Seller Ratings do not even attract clicks -- let alone sales.

According to Moz research, a whopping 67% of all online shoppers are influenced by ratings and reviews when it comes to purchasing products online. Approximately 54% of online shoppers admitted that online reviews have a major impact in influencing buying decisions. 68% of online shoppers believe that reviews on products are very important. Looking at the statistics presented above, it is very clear that reviews are instrumental in driving the performance of any business forward.

It is quite easy to rev up AdWords ROI using Google Seller Ratings. All you need is to ensure that you get more and more appealing ratings to yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can acquire useful seller ratings for the benefit of your business:

Understand What Google Seller Ratings Are

Most people fail to understand what Google Seller Ratings are. Without a sufficient knowledge of what this is all about, you can hardly make the best out of it.

Google Seller Ratings are basically the stars that appear right next to any product or store that has been optimized to appear on SERPS. In short, this is the star rating that communicates the experience that previous buyers had with the product and the reputation that the product holds in the market.

Google-based research confirmed that the number of leads goes up by a whopping 17% with positive star ratings. This simply proves how important Google Seller Ratings are for any product. Before a user will go further on your site, they will often check product ratings to decide the kind of performance that the product in question has been holding. A product with the best ratings communicates a  great reputation hence higher and better performance.

Know Why Your Google Seller Ratings Are missing

The fact that you have something to sell online does not mean that you will get Google Seller Ratings. Aim at understanding why you are not enjoying the privilege of having Google Seller Ratings. There are a number of possible reasons why your products do not have Google Seller Ratings. First, if the ratings you get are below 3.5 stars, then there is a chance that Google has not reviewed your products.

Aside from that, if you do not have more than 150 very unique reviews on your site, then your products may not feature the Google Sellers rating. An issue with the review content is also another reason behind the lack of Google Seller Ratings.

If it’s less than 6 months since you began using the Google Seller Ratings mechanism, then you may not enjoy the privilege of getting a display of the product ratings on SERPs. The language that you are using should be acknowledged by Google for ratings on products to reflect. At least 10 of your reviews should be in a language that is acknowledged by Google.

Understanding the key reason why your products are not featured under the Google Seller Ratings marks the beginning of rectifications. However, some of the reasons may be inevitable. For the avoidable reasons, you need to work towards eliminating such and making the best from what Google has to offer.  If it is all about low star ratings, it is easy to adjust by improving the quality of your products.

Know How to Get More Site Reviews

It takes some efforts to garner tons of reviews on your site. Like any responsible site runner, you must aim at understanding some of the strategies that can help you get as many reviews as possible. Remember that site reviews are a major determinant on if you will get Google Seller Ratings.

It is easy to get site reviews if you use the following strategies:

  • Communicate with buyers: The most important thing in online business is upholding communication between you and your clients. This is one of the effective strategies that can help you drive more and more reviews to your site. Urge your clients to communicate their experience through reviews each time they buy products. Let them know that you really appreciate their interest in your products. Sound communication with your clients is bound to increase site reviews.
  • Offer an accurate description of your products: How well do you describe the products that you are selling? Did you know that the manner in which you describe your products determines if you will make sales or not? Most prospective buyers refrain from purchasing products that are described in a vague manner. It is for this reason that you must do everything to offer a clear and accurate description of all the products that you are selling. Remember that honesty is a complement that cannot be sacrificed when describing products. Make each and every feature of your products known through the provision of accurate details.
  • Provide clear pictures of your products: Do you provide clear and authentic pictures of your products? Notably, pictures that are taken clearly and accurately aid in boosting awareness of products. This means that you must do everything to ensure that the images you provide are good enough to shed light on the kind of products that you offer. Make sure that you do not use stock photos. Rather, you should use fresh images. Take ample time to take pictures from all angles such that customers will be in a position to make a decision.
  • Offer a simple process of reviewing: The main reason why most site visitors fail to review products is that the reviewing process is complicated. Note that customers are not there to leave reviews. Rather, they are visiting your site to make purchases. Reviewing is just an added favor. In this regard, you should work towards making the product reviewing process easy for any client. It should take a matter of few minutes to drop a review. With a simple reviewing process, you will definitely garner as many site reviews as possible.

Launch a Healthy Campaign

To increase brand awareness, a healthy campaign must be launched. Instead of relying on a singular avenue of campaigning for your products, you should consider a wider perspective. In other words, your campaign should be aimed at creating a wider scope in the market, and hence compelling customers to review your products often.

Be Very Honest

The worst mistake that some online product sellers make is exercising dishonesty when presenting reviews. This is something that must be avoided at all costs since the implications are suicidal. The truth is that any product is bound to reflect some faults, though not entirely. Such faults must not be hidden. It is better for your prospects to realize the faults before buying your products, rather than realizing everything later. A review that is left as a result of dishonesty from the seller is worse than a negative but honest review.

According to Vendasta Research, almost 95% of online shoppers detect lies when all the reviews on products are positive. In other words, bad scores are part of any products that exist online, only that the said score should be kept low. In this regard, you must avoid dishonesty when conveying your seller ratings to clients since you will be found out sooner or later. The aftermath of dishonesty can be disastrous to your business.


It does not take much to get appealing Google Seller Ratings. Everything revolves around fruitful strategies and nothing less. Remember that Google Seller Ratings majorly depend on what is happening on your site hence your strategies must also revolve around that. Make sure that you root all your strategies to your site and everything else will fall into place.

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