Why You Want Your Pay Per Click Manager To Understand Your Market

Why You Want Your Pay Per Click Manager To Understand Your Market


There are a lot of so-called experts in the Internet marketing industry, and there’s a much smaller number of industry thought leaders and visionaries. These are the people we target at TechWyse. Browse through our extensive list of interviews with well-known experts from all disciplines of internet marketing. From SEO wizards, to PPC superstars, we’ve interviewed them all.

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Interview with Larry Kim @MobileMonkey

Hello Marketers Welcome to another edition of TechWyse Interviews When we hear about MobileMonkey or WordStream our first thought is Larry with his absolute best smile For those among you who do not know him already…

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.

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It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Great topic Matt and thanks for the shout outs! This is a great resource. This should help everyone using AdWords programs also help them to spend money by taking care of exact keywords that define their business.

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    I wonder if any marketing wizard ever made such a keen analysis of the immense business potential lying untapped within these baby boomers. They were born in tough times at the height of the cold war era. They have immense wealth to spare and targeting these people can only bring in windfall profits to the marketer. Great analytical find to be sure Matt.

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