The Importance Of Optimizing Your PPC Ad Text

The Importance Of Optimizing Your PPC Ad Text

The Importance Of Optimizing Your PPC Ad Text One of the most important things to do with a Google AdWords account is to optimize it, (and keep optimizing it), so that it performs well and keeps your costs low and ROI high.

Great ad copy is one place to start.

Search engine users looking for a particular product, service, or topic want to find ads that address their needs - ads that tell them exactly what they were "asking" of the search engine. You are more likely to attract these visitors if your ads do just that.

I'm sure you've seen Google ads from some web sites who shall remain nameless. Ads like, "Looking for {insert keyword here}? Buy from Canadians and save!" Would you be tempted to click on this ad? Other than for the comedy factor, I mean.

What if you are searching for symptoms of an illness or what actually caused World War I?

"Looking for H1N1? Buy online and save!" Uh, right.

You never know what keyword is going to trigger ads like this one. They usually contain the same ad content-apart from the keyword - no matter what you are looking for, and it doesn't feel like the ad is trying to attract you in any way, shape, or form. Ads like this just aren't making the effort to attract you and for the most part aren't relevant to the search.

Time To Optimize Your Ads & Shine

This is where your ads can shine and attract highly-qualified traffic. This is where you create ads that are unique to optimized and relevant keyword groups. This is where you pitch special offers for product categories, seasonal discounts or product launches.

Let's say you sell computers and assorted computer peripherals. With a well-optimized campaign, you should have keyword lists dedicated to specific products such as USB drives, monitors, wireless keyboards, and blank DVDs.

If you put little effort in to your ad copy and settled for the same copy over and over again your chances of attracting customers declines, because they don't know what you are offering.

A poorly worded Google AdWords ad might look something like this:

Bad Adtext For Google Adwords

If you were looking for "19 inch sony lcd computer monitor" and that was the ad copy that appeared, would you click on the above ad, or would you click on ads that appear with it that read:

Google Adtext for Google Adwords

I can guarantee you that the first impression of searchers would result in a higher number of clicks and a better click thru rate for the second ad. Why? It shows the customer that you sell what they want. Your ad group and it's associated ads are for Sony LCD monitors-perhaps 19 inch Sony LCD monitors if you've optimized in greater detail.

Now that you have great ad copy, are you selling your products or generating leads from the ad after it is clicked? Again, that depends on your Google ad.

Great Adtext Now What?

Where are you sending visitors when they click on your ad? Are you sending them to the front page of your web site, a landing page, and general product section on the site or a specific product page? You have a matter of seconds to show your visitor that you can provide them with what they need. Don't make them go digging through your site. If you do, you are more likely to lose them than sell to them. It is the law of numbers.

If you are advertising a specific product or brand make sure the visitor lands on a page showing them that brand or product. It can be a dedicated landing page created especially for your AdWords campaign or a specific product page. You should also ensure these pages display pricing, any special offers associated with the product, and a fast and easy way to purchase. Visitors probably see very little of this on your site's front page. And they may not be able to easily find the product they want if they are sent to your site's front page.

Never overlook the ads in your Google AdWords campaign. This is your first and only chance to attract visitors. Make it count and give them exactly what they want. Don't give them a templated ad. Your business and your ROI are too important to leave to a badly worded ad.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Informative post, thanks  Matt. Think, I can take this post as a lesson for improving my adwords copy and its performance. Keep posting ones like this, it would be very helpful for we people. Not only that you talks things in a simple manner, I love to read such articles.

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    Excellent write up Matt. A lot of effort behind that post and some really good tips on improving the ways to write an ad for Adwords. Simple but very informative and useful tips. Thank you!

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    Nice job Matt! Your article prompted me to take a try  on the entire adwords segments. It is really interesting. I also read your earlier posts for getting a better insight on this.  They're simple, specific & answering.

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    Excellent article. I'm going to go through our Gooogle AdWords campaign today and get it back in order. More specific keyword phrases are an excellent idea. In our line of business there are around 10 or less key phrases that people search for and the bidding gets crazy! Thanks

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    You're right man, people, without knowing why they're pumping so much money on adwords campaigns would go ahead with it without not so catchy ad copy. Such ones will get listed in "Looking for H1N1? Buy online and save!"  category. And remember, your first impression is pivotal in determining the CTR. Realize your business and carve out copies that will fit the niche. Otherwise there is no point in wasting your money on such ad channels.

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