Implementing Killer Landing Pages That Convert

Implementing Killer Landing Pages That Convert

Implementing Killer Landing
Pages That ConvertLan ding pages are one of the most impactful items you can add to your PPC campaign to improve your chance of conversion. In our 'click happy' world, we have already learned that when someone visits your website, they make decision to proceed or go back within 5 seconds.  Given this, it is very important to offer very relevant information to the visitor that comes to your website.

For many people in the internet marketing industry, landing pages are something we work with everyday. As time (and experience) continues, however, we are now learning that it isn’t enough to just publish a landing page. What information can you provide to improve the likelihood of a conversion? How can a landing page be structured to improve the chance of converting your traffic?

This article discusses a landing page strategy that will help you think out both the psychology of the ‘landing page’ and also will provoke though in walking you through the structural setup process.

Before we move to this I will first illustrate (for those that don’t know already) what a landing page is and why it is used.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page built with the specific purpose of offering up relevant content to people that click on your ads in Pay Per Click systems like Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook.

While the rest of the website is usually accessible for the user, the page is designed to satisfy the searchers original key phrase search so that they are more apt to stay and understand more about who you are and the product/service you are offering.

Landing pages are usually a little more ‘advertisement’ style based and are a key ingredient in ensuring that the money you spend on Pay Per Click advertising is well spent.

Now; what if you knew a secret that would help you convert the traffic you send to your landing page at a much higher level? The rest of this blog will take you through both the psychological process of landing pages and also help you shape the structure in a more functional way.

The end result should be a landing page that is built for a high level of conversion!

Landing Page Structure

I wrote a blog several months ago for website owners that wanted to improve conversion by adding a sales funnel to their public website. The &ld

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    I had seen most discussions and best practices about landing pages as tactical in nature, but the strategies you mentioned here are practical in nature. Your strategies work close to goal than the nitty-gritty tactics of individual landing pages.
    Among the visitor classes which category is more convert prune?

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    Now that’s such an informative post DJ. There is so much in depth info in there. I really liked the visitor classification. This for sure would prove to be great reference material for anyone wanting to perfect their skills in landing page design.

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    I like the title -calling landing page as ‘killer’ :).
    I think people who land on our landing pages are more close to do a business/action. We can equate doorway pages to window display in traditional advertising. The visitor being attracted out of it and almost decided in buying it. So landing pages can show a killer instinct 😀

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    Yes, visitors are brought in after spending precious dollars. Its only a landing page that can convert these visitors in to potential customers.If your landing pages are not able to create an awareness and interest in your visitors I feel all your precious dollars have gone down the drain. Develop a great landing page and you have a successful winning formula.

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    You have highlighted the ability of Landing Pages to aid in website conversion. The success of a commercial website hinges on this very fact. Website traffic will prove meaningless unless conversion takes place and for this nothing counts more than a thoughtfully constructed landing page. This blog post hopefully will enlighten many more on the importance of a landing page..

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