How to Make Better Use of Your PPC Campaign’s Negative Keywords

How to Make Better Use of Your PPC Campaign’s Negative Keywords

How to Make Better Use of Your PPC Campaign’s Negative KeywordsNegative keywords in a PPC campaign are an underused gem that could make the difference between ads that not only receive clicks but get viewed by a highly specific target market.

The negative keyword is a word that is used to tell Google which terms will not display when searchers are trying to find a product or service. A few examples of a negative keyword include:

  • Ads that are geared to a local market but not every town or city within. For example: a plumbing company that includes Toronto’s GTA but does not offer service right in the city could include keywords such as plumbing Markham, Plumbing Scarborough,(surrounding cities),etc.These terms would be left out of the negative keyword list while “Toronto” would be added to a list, possibly titled, “Excluded Service Locations.”
  • For sellers that are trying to avoid people looking for information, they may want to include negative keywords such as:” example,” “sample,” and “definition” in their list of excluded keywords.
  • It’s common to not want to attract customers looking for bargains. Include the keywords: “cheap,” “overstock,” and “liquidation.”

Once you have compiled negative keywords learn how to use them to further enhance your marketing strategy:

1. Supplement your PPC Campaign with SEO and Vice Versa

It’s important to not think of internet marketing strategies as entirely separate services. If your business discovers from its Google Analytics that certain keywords are keeping customers on the site and leading to sales then by all means, integrate these findings into your PPC keywords. A profitable keyword in a PPC campaign can easily be woven into your website’s content, while negative keywords can be removed. This will help to increase your ranking in Google. Let your campaigns and strategies feed off each other and grow as a single entity.

2. Don’t just use Negative Keywords for Ads, Make Lists

A negative keyword list gives the business the ability to use their negative keywords across their entire PPC marketing campaign. This assists with easy management of a campaign level PPC marketing strategy and negative keywords can be added, edited and applied to the entire campaign at once.

3. Understand the Usefulness of Google’s Keyword Search Tools

Google offers keyword search tools for their customers and they are accessible to anyone signed into their Google account. This is a great place to start finding keywords that you do not want your ads to be found for in search engines. Use this tool to begin building a list and for brainstorming phrases and words that best describe what you do and what products or services that the business is offering.

Using too many negative keywords will result in a market that is limited but not using them at all will waste click-through potential. By finding the right balance, using tools and lists while integrating any progress into your content’s SEO, negative keywords can be an extremely valuable outlet for your PPC campaign and overall Internet marketing strategy.

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    Really good post. On the other hand, Almost all businesses are determined to spend several thousand dollars on Google adwords, but hardly spend any budget which is important to select right key phrases and to filter out unproductive keyword phrases of their marketing activities whether on Website seo or other paid channels including PPC.

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    Great Advice!! I think this could help a lot of people out 😀

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    Patricia Coldiron 


    Ryan, I never thought about the possibility of using negative keywords. I can see the point you are trying to make by using negative keywords such as cheap, liquidation, and overstock. Most people like a bargain, and if it’s cheap or overstocked, that is even better, and will result in more customers.

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    Great information Ryan…. “Excluded Service Locations.” tip saves the pocket of the clients and companies significantly 🙂

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