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How Do You Become A Google Premier Partner?

Pay Per Click December 10th, 2012


How to Become a Google Premier Partner like TechWyse

Google AdWords is used by millions and is updated regularly. As you can imagine, this means that Google is flooded with requests for help running AdWords campaigns. They also receive daily complaints about unqualified marketing agencies that mismanage AdWords accounts.

To address these issues, Google began certifying certain marketing companies as official AdWords partners. To become a certified partner, companies need to demonstrate a history of running large AdWords campaigns, as well as employ individuals who have passed online AdWords examinations.

However, Google was also interested in closer partnerships where they could integrate their staff with the partners’ at the operational level. However, it was not feasible to do this for every certified partner. Google accordingly created a new tier of partners, the Premier SMB (Small and Medium Business) Partners – and only 3% of agencies of Google Partner are Google Premier Partners.

TechWyse met Google’s strict criteria and was thoroughly vetted by the search giant to achieve its Premier Partner badge. We have the largest team of Internet marketers in Canada, with 12 certified in Search Advertising, two in mobile advertising, 31 in Google Analytics IQ, three in Video Ads, three in Display Advertising and three in Shopping.

How TechWyse Became a Google Premier Partner

Our specializations and individual qualifications are the result of demonstrated expertise in the concepts and best practices for these areas – as well as growth in both revenues and clients.

TechWyse implements a three-step approach to digital marketing, focused on website development, traffic building, and data analyzation and tracking. The core of our services include: SEO, PPC, local business advertising, content marketing, web design and development, social media management and Google Analytics.

Our proprietary software, AdLuge, allows us to track our marketing efforts and make strategic recommendations for our clients.

We deal with clients in a variety of industries, including B2B, finance, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, and more.

Read real Google Reviews from TechWyse clients:

Google Reviews

Why Businesses Become Premier Partners

Premier Partners have a direct line of access to h Google. They receive special information and support not available any other way. Google staff assist Premier Partners at all levels of their business, from technical support to accounts management. This helps Premier Partners deliver better Google advertising packages to their clients.

This level of support allows Premier Partners to help their SMB clients compete with the largest businesses in their industry. TechWyse is a results-oriented agency, and our Premier Partner status helps us to manage all digital-marketing aspects of your business so you can achieve success.

How Businesses Become Premier Partners

To date, few businesses have successfully become premier partners. The decision is made subjectively by Google staff based on inquiry emails. Google’s criteria include:

• Large existing customer base of small / medium sized businesses
• Tele / field sales force with the ability to sell Google’s advertising products
• Commitment to provide phone and/or email customer support to their advertiser base
• Existing operational infrastructure (billing, reporting, etc) to service thousands of customers

Businesses that meet these criteria can send an inquiry to Google. Google will then begin the process of evaluating the business for a potential partnership – however, this process isn’t easy.

Google will monitor and instruct an agency on product and sales positions, and requires customer satisfaction surveys be completed to ensure their SMB customers are having a positive experience. Google will also receive and investigate complaints associated with the program and their partners.

TechWyse is very proud to say that we are a Google Premier SMB Partner. Contact us to learn more about our full-service internet marketing solutions!

Google Premier Partners are able to better serve small to medium sized businesses. Our qualifications, training, reliability and end-to-end support help you to achieve success in the digital world. Our in-depth knowledge of Google Adwords will drive traffic online and in-store, and our insights into the latest products and services provide you with a competitive edge.

If you’re a small to medium business looking for professional Internet marketing advice, fill out the form below to speak with a member of our experienced team. We make setting up and managing your campaign easy.

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How Do You Become A Google Premier Partner?

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