How do you Become a Google Premier Partner?

Google AdWords is used by millions and is updated regularly. As you can imagine, this means that Google is flooded with requests for help running AdWords campaigns. They also receive daily complaints about unqualified marketing agencies that mismanage AdWords accounts.

To address these issues, Google began certifying certain marketing companies as official AdWords partners. To become a certified partner, companies need to demonstrate a history of running large AdWords campaigns, as well as employ individuals who have passed online AdWords examinations.

However, Google was also interested in closer partnerships, where they could integrate their staff with the partners’ at the operational level. However, it was not feasible to do this for every certified partner. Google accordingly created a new tier of partners, the Premier SMB (Small and Medium Business) Partners.

Why Businesses Become Premier Partners

Premier Partners have increased contact with Google. They receive special information and support not available any other way. Google staff assist Premier Partners at all levels of their business, from technical support to accounts management. This helps Premier Partners deliver better Google advertising packages to their clients.

How Businesses Become Premier Partners

To date, few businesses have successfully become premier partners. The decision is made subjectively by Google staff based on inquiry emails. Google’s criteria include:

• Large existing customer base of small / medium sized businesses
• Tele / field sales force with the ability to sell Google’s advertising products
• Commitment to provide phone and/or email customer support to their advertiser base
• Existing operational infrastructure (billing, reporting, etc) to service thousands of customers

Businesses that meet these criteria can send an inquiry to Google. Google will then begin the process of evaluating the business for a potential partnership.

TechWyse is very proud to say that we have achieved Google Premier Partner status. Contact us to learn more about our full-service internet marketing solutions!


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    No matter what anyone says about Google, the trends is that they always seem to be improving their system to generate results advantageous to their own company. In other words, they are probably right on target with how they are making decisions regarding Adwords, whether they decide on big or small companies, in the end they will probably be right on target. What bloggers need to do is realize this and go with the flow. No matter what Google decides, you either make the cut or you will just have to live with the results.

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    If I understood correctly your article, in order to be a Google Premier Partner, a business needs to be representing a large number of other businesses. It seems to me that Google is trying to get income from a smaller number of advertisers.

    In the past, before known marketers’ Adwords accounts have reportedly been banned I don’t know if Google had the same focus.

    Currently, I do not think that Facebook overtly favors bigger players. I wonder if the way Google is operating is something other advertising networks would have implemented if they were as big as Google is.


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