Why Should You Work With a Google Premier Partner?

Google premier partner

Are your Google Ads campaigns not achieving the results you expected?

If so, you should consider the help of a Google Premier Partner. These Google Ads experts understand the Google Premier Partner guidelines to sustain excellence, guaranteeing that you're partnering with one of the most reliable businesses for pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement.

In this article, we'll take you through the Google Partners program, the difference between a Google Partner and Premier Partner, and present you with three reasons why you should work with a Google Premier Partner.

Keep reading to discover more about working with a Google Premier Partner.

What is the Google Partners program?

The Google Partners program is available for marketing agencies and businesses who want to establish faith and authority among their clients.

This program assists businesses in finding an agency equipped to support them with Google Ads. While this program is free to register — not every business can become a Google Partner. There are specific requirements for businesses that want to become a part of the program and secure a Google Partner badge for their business website and marketing elements.

Google Grants Businesses with Two Badge Opportunities:

Google Partner: To get a Google Partner badge, businesses need to have one team member certified in Google Ads, pay at least $10,000 on ads in 90 days, and match Google's performance conditions.

Google Premier Partner: If business desires to be a Google Premier Partner, they need to have two people certified in Google Ads, reach a higher ad spend condition (dependent on the business and industry) and comply with Google's performance obligations.

The Benefits of Working with a Google Premier Partner

If you're enthusiastic about working with a Google Ads expert to improve your ad campaigns, you should work with a Google Premier Partner.

Let's take a look at three benefits of choosing a Google Premier Partner:

  • You're working with experts

When you pick a Google Premier Partner, you're working with an agency that has the expertise to run high-quality ad campaigns.

These specialists aren't people who run campaigns here and there. Based on the Google Premier Partner guidelines, these agencies must diligently operate on Google Ads, making them instinctive and skilled experts on the subject.

When you work with Google-certified partners, you're operating with experts who are up to date on the most advanced and recent Google Ads changes. They recognize when to adjust your campaign to achieve better results and get the benefit of the latest features.

If you need the help of someone who knows how to manage Google Ads campaigns well, look for the Google Premier Partner's badge on an agency's website.

  1. You will have a better relationship with Google.

One of the several meaningful advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner is that they directly link to Google.

While you're managing a Google Ads campaign, you may face issues or anxieties. If you decide to reach out to Google on your own, it may take time to receive an answer.

If you work with a Google Premier Partner, you receive direct contact with Google.

Google Premier Partners have the benefit of a fast track to getting connected with Google. If they have concerns with your campaign, they hold a direct line to a Google rep that will help them resolve the issue as soon as possible. That means no more prolonged wait times to receive a response!

If you work with a company from the Google Premier Partners list, you'll be partnering with a Google Ads agency that can immediately fix campaign problems.

  1. You'll get better results

Google Premier Partner guidelines state that a partner must consistently improve the results for their clients. When you choose a Google Premier Partner, you're operating with a company that understands how to achieve results while going above and beyond for you.

Difference Between Google Partner vs. Google Premier Partner

You'll notice there are two distinct partner types: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner. What's the difference between them, and which one is more suitable for running your Google Ads campaign?

Google Partner

Most agencies fall under the Google Partner category. As you review various Google-certified partners, you'll notice that many halts at the Google Partner badge and don't extend beyond it.

Here are the specifications for the badge:

  • At least one Google Ads-certified crew member

At least one person needs to be certified in Google Ads. This person must be an admin of the Google Ads account or a user that frequently touches the account.

  • Allocate at least $10,000 to run Google Ads accounts

Another essential requirement for this badge is that the agency must spend at least $10,000 in 90 days on Google Ads. Google needs this to prove that the agency is actively running campaigns.

  • Show reliable performance.

Lastly, Google expects Google-certified partners to present "solid" performance. Agencies need to have substantial ad revenue and overall growth while managing and developing their customer base.

Google Premier Partner

Only a select amount of Google Partners fit the criteria to become Google Premier Partners. This badge has more yet vague qualifications. Let's look at the Google Premier Partner guidelines.

  • Have at least two people certified in Google Ads

To qualify as a Google Premier Partner, the agency must have at least two team members certified in Google Ads. Similar to the Google Partner requirements, these team members need to be an admin or regular user of the company's Google Ads account.

  • Allocate a designated amount on Google Ads

Google Premier Partner guidelines demand that agencies allocate a designated amount on their clients' Google Ads. Google's minimum ad spend depends on the country and the existing market.

Google Premier Partner candidates must actively run Google Ads campaigns themselves too.

  • Match performance standards

If a firm wants to become a Google Premier Partner, it needs to meet Google's performance standards.

Google emphasizes that it will mark the agency's client retention, client revenue growth, agency revenue, and client base.

TechWyse: A Google Premier Partner

TechWyse is proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Being a Google Premier Partner means we are equipped with the expertise to better serve your business.

Our qualifications, training, reliability and end-to-end support help you to achieve success in the digital world. Our in-depth knowledge of Google Ads can drive traffic online and in-store. Our insights into the latest products and services provide you with a competitive edge.

If you're a business looking for professional Internet marketing advice, contact us to speak with an experienced team member. We make setting up and managing your ad campaign easy.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Good job guys , seems like a no brainer for SEO companies these days for sure.

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    No matter what anyone says about Google, the trends is that they always seem to be improving their system to generate results advantageous to their own company. In other words, they are probably right on target with how they are making decisions regarding Adwords, whether they decide on big or small companies, in the end they will probably be right on target. What bloggers need to do is realize this and go with the flow. No matter what Google decides, you either make the cut or you will just have to live with the results.

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    If I understood correctly your article, in order to be a Google Premier Partner, a business needs to be representing a large number of other businesses. It seems to me that Google is trying to get income from a smaller number of advertisers.
    In the past, before known marketers’ Adwords accounts have reportedly been banned I don’t know if Google had the same focus.
    Currently, I do not think that Facebook overtly favors bigger players. I wonder if the way Google is operating is something other advertising networks would have implemented if they were as big as Google is.

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