Great Tips For Successful Mobile Marketing Using PPC

Great Tips For Successful Mobile Marketing Using PPC

If you've yet to jump on the mobile train, do your company and customers a favour - get on at the next stop!

  • In 2014 mobile searches will outnumber desktop and laptop searches
  • Half of all searches on the internet are now being done on mobile devices
  • The number of mobile searches has been doubling each year

We will provide you with some great tips for successful mobile marketing. So, what should you do so that your business will be found on mobile searches?

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A lot of small and mid-sized businesses have not made good use of mobile marketing and PPC campaigns. Many have used Google's Adwords voucher and have not had successful PPC campaigns. Usually their ROI was very poor or they keep losing a significant amount of money.

Most of these business owners do not understand that PPC will work in tandem with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Simply creating an Adwords campaign and letting it run is not so simple. For example, a website that is poorly constructed and poorly optimized for SEO will have a low quality score on Adwords, which will result in a increased keyword bid price. A site that is well optimized will have an increased quality score. An Adwords campaign that has a quality score of 5 will pay more than twice as much as a site with ten as its quality score.

Google has created a tool called Enhanced Campaigns. This tool makes it much easier to run numerous campaigns across varying types of devices. Businesses can enhance the revenue they derive from mobile PPC and minimize setup and campaign management times. We have tried to provide you with some great tips for effective mobile marketing.

Here are some more benefits associated with Enhanced Campaigns:

1. Device vs User Centric Bids

With Adwords bidding, you are able to target customers via their user context, which includes time,location, and search criteria, rather than using device context, which is the type of device they are using, ie; smartphone, desktop, or tablet/

2. One campaign with multiple devices

You do not have to create a separate campaign for each type of device anymore. You are able to create one campaign to use on multiple devices and target customers via the campaign settings.

3. More responsive ads

It's not necessary for you to create separate ads for the various types of devices any longer. If you select mobile when setting up your campaign your advertisement will be loaded in the proper format on any type of device.

4. Elimination of mobile reporting fees

In the past Google provided mobile reporting to enable you to track the number of calls that your ad generated. But, Google levied a charge on each call and this had an adverse effect on the use of Mobile PPC. That fee has now be eliminated so that reporting and call metrics are now provided at no additional charge.

5. New conversion methods for mobile advertising

In the past people would rely on a user filling out a form or accessing a particular page on your site, perhaps a thank you page to constitute a conversion. This conversion methodology is now replaced with a duration of call metric. Now, you can define the call length that you feel constitutes a conversion. For mobile searches this is quite appropriate since the action that constitutes a conversion on mobile devices is a phone call. This way of measuring conversions is a much  more accurate measure of ROI for mobile campaigns. Enhanced Campaigns was designed to increase the adoption of mobile PPC via conversion success.

Even though Enhanced Campaigns has simplified the process of creating mobile campaigns and increased its benefits, it can still feel daunting to get started. We have attempted to provide you with some great tips for successful mobile marketing using Adwords PPC. This will help you to get your ad seen by more of your potential customers, on mobile devices.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    thanks for sharing great tips for successful mobile marketing PPC !

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    Tara Reprogle 


    @Carl – I have one client who saw a 152% increase of traffic from tablets over last year!

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    I totally agree with you, mobile searches are becoming increasingly more popular compared to desktop computer searches. This is quite evident when I do check on Google analytics. Great article.

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    Shawn Gossman 


    Elimination of the reporting fees was a good move. This is a mobile age and we shouldn’t have to pat extra for something like that. Mobile integration should be smoothly integrated into a webmaster’s way of life. IMO. Great post!

  • avatar

    Wow! Numbers 3 and 4 are game-changers for us. I was not aware that Google had enabled responsive ads and eliminated mobile reporting fees. This is certainly worth taking another look into Adwords.

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