Google Updating Its Analytics & AdWords Tools

Google Updating Its Analytics & AdWords Tools

For anyone familiar with paid search you will no doubt know the capabilities of Google Analytics and AdWords. Google AdWords is a marketing tool which allows users to choose keywords relevant to their business and create ads accordingly. These will then appear on Google’s search engine, next to the search results of your keywords with the utmost relevance as the audience is specifically targeted.

The purpose of the Google Analytics tool is to help you better understand your website visitors and improve their experience. The software includes an internet-based advertising feature which also involved a remarketing element. Although this feature of Analytics has been successful and has produced great results for its users (better ROI and sales etc), Google is always striving to improve its products, which is why they are unveiling a series of updates to the tool.

Google will be releasing a series of beta tests around its Analytics and AdWords programs in an effort to help simplify the remarketing process.

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What To Expect

In response to its users’ feedback, Google will be changing the Analytics tool to make it easier to set up and run remarketing campaigns. This will be done in two ways: the first will be a trial to be more flexible and smart about managing remarketing.

Google will be upgrading its AdWords remarketing tag so users will only need to place it on their site once.  They will then be able to create unlimited remarketing lists in AdWords for individual pages and assign certain ads to certain visitors (depending on the way in which their lists have been set up).

Currently Google Analytics users, when developing a remarketing campaign, have to choose multiple tags. This will be simplified so that a small edit to the code of your Analytics tag will soon mean you can create relevant remarketing lists directly from the Analytics interface.

The second part of the updates will focus on reaching the right audience when remarketing. Google are also trying to help widen the audience of its users’ remarketing campaigns. This will be introduced in two ways:

Capturing similar audiences- there will be a new option which will enable you to show your ads to audiences similar to those on your remarketing lists who have not yet visited your website.

Capturing the right audience with search adverts- this will enable you to customise your search campaigns, based on your AdWords remarketing lists.

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    With these updates, it seems Adwords may have just gotten that tiny bit stronger and easier for webmasters to display their websites as advertisements for their search terms.
    I always use Analytics as it seems the most accurate of all web-stat tools.

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    It’s really good that Google is doing this, the tools already worked well together so it’s great that they’re making them easier to work with. This will hopefully make it easier for advertisers to get their ads seen and clicked.

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    Google Analytics was originally a 3rd party product called Urchin that they acquired some years ago. As a result, the manner in which Analytics reports on traffic doesn’t always match up to AdWords reporting – something to keep in mind if you’re seeing inconsistencies. It seems they’ve been trying to bring the two together a bit more in recent years.

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    This is a great update, I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite a while for my online business I’ve been running for the last couple of years. It’s times like these that I know technology isn’t letting me down for once and actually helping me thrive. Time to batten down the hatches and wait for some extra customers to come strolling in!

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