Google Print Ads Laid to Rest

Google Print Ads Laid to Rest

Earlier this week, Google announced that they were abandoning Google Print Ads for newspapers, which was originally launched in November of 2006.



Google Print Ads was a part of the AdWords system that allowed advertisers to upload print ads to their account and then purchase space in any of Google's through 800 newspaper partnerships.

One of the biggest restrictions to Google Print Ads, particularly for Canadian agencies like TechWyse was the fact that it was only available to US publications. This also restricted the market for overseas advertisers, especially if they have no use for American newspaper advertising.

As many other bloggers have been pointing out, this conclusion should not come as a surprise because newspaper and publication advertising has been shrinking.  Ironically it is online media companies like Google that print advertising has been losing its market too!

The decision also comes after Google CEO Eric Schmidt has declared a number of other properties were to be cancelled in order to focus on 'core activities'.  Some notables on the chopping block include Google Video and Google Notebook.

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    Hello from Sweden, just wanted to say great article! I try to visit your blog atleast once a week 🙂

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    Yes DJ You’re right. But Google can boast of a mass root in American companies, I feel all Google developments and new features are basically intended to appease it’s American supporters and the rest of the world googlize themselves to these twists. Some will work and some may not. People think Google as an online marketing panacea for their promotional efforts and that reasons why Google fiasco’s were unnoticed to a great extent.

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    It seems weird to see things that Google does fail. Doesn’t everything they do turn to gold? I can tell you that for Canadian companies not being able to advertise was annoying. But perhaps that was the primary sign that Google Print was not working out. Would love to know what other companies felt about the return on investment though!

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