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Google Now Allows Tracking of Multiple Conversions Through Adwords

Pay Per Click May 26th, 2009


google adwords coversionsSome time ago, I wrote about some of the features I liked about the new Google AdWords user interface. I’m adding one more to this list, and it’s one any AdWords advertiser should be excited about.

AdWords advertisers have always been able to track conversions within their AdWords account. These conversions could include online sales, the completion of contact forms, or downloading information. But the present version of AdWords was only able to track one successful conversion per click. So, if a visitor clicks on your ad and then completes a conversion on your site, you were only able to track one conversion.

But what if this visitor remained on your site and made additional purchases, downloaded additional information, or performed some other action that was of value to the company? What if the visitor bookmarked your site and returned next week and made another purchase or decided to fill out an information request form? Well, you were not able to track these actions.

But with the new Adwords interface, advertisers can now track ‘many-per-click’; conversions. And that is great news.

Advertisers can now track the number of total actions made by visitors who have clicked on their AdWords ad and completed a desired action multiple times during the life of the 30-day cookie that Google places on a visitor’s computer after clicking on the ad.  If a visitor clicks on your ad and then makes a purchase, you have one conversion registered to your AdWords account.  If that same visitor returns to your web site a week later and makes an additional purchase, then another conversion is registered (so long as the cookie is still on the visitor’s computer and has not been deleted).

You can also track multiple actions form one visit or from multiple visits. One of our clients at TechWyse has a contact form and two information sheets available for download. Until now, we could only track one conversion as a result of AdWords visitors. Now, we can track all of the actions a visitor makes contacting the client, downloading an event itinerary, or downloading an additional information sheet.

This new feature is an exciting addition to the new Google AdWords, and may clients will love the system can now give even more precise ROI data as a result of their online advertising efforts.

The beauty of pay per click marketing is the measurability of campaigns.  It has always been great that we could measure email conversions.  With this new innovation, we can now measure people that leave and come back or achieve multiple goals.  Very powerful!

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.
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Google Now Allows Tracking of Multiple Conversions Through Adwords

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