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Six Favorite Features of the New Google Adwords Interface

Pay Per Click December 13th, 2008


Google recently announced Beta testing of the new AdWords interface, and TechWyse was selected to test out the look within a few of our own accounts.

Like anything new, it takes some getting used to, but so far it has been a nice experience. Especially in terms of the speed and ease of use of many of the more common functions.

One of the newest toys within the layout is the ‘Account Tree’. This allows you to navigate to any campaign or ad group within your account quickly and directly, instead of the old step-by-step drilldown that wasted time and could become frustrating in larger accounts.

My 6 Favorite New Google Adwords Interface Features

1. What’s especially cool about this feature is that as you scroll down in your browser window, the ‘Account Tree’ frame follows you, with the top of the frame aligned to the top of your browser window, giving you fast access to your AdWords campaigns and ad groups.

Google Adwords Interface Features

2. If you are looking for help or the FAQ, the old format meant clicking on a link in the top right that sent you to a new page and presented a full text page you would then read through. The new interface has a neat little ‘Help section’ just below the ‘Account Tree’ frame. This means that, just like the Account Tree, the ‘Help’ frame follows you as you scroll down the page (if your account is that big, of course).


3. All top tabs from the old interface have been organized in to one row across the top of your account, and subsections have been added as drop-down menu items under the relevant tab.

For instance, the Reporting tab shows links for not only the Reports section, but to Google Analytics as well as the Website Optimizer. A good move, as these sections are important data reporting sections. Analytics and Optimizer, while not direct AdWords data reporting tools, use information from AdWords as contributing sources to better campaigns.


All of the AdWords tools have been organized under the Tools tab as well, including the AdWords Preview Tool, which is a fantastic in-account addition, meaning you no longer have to leave the interface to get to the tool.

Google Adwords Report Campaign

4. Here’s something that’s a nice change as well. Within the Campaigns tab is a display of sub-tabs (is that a word?) showing all sections within your Campaign(s). From Ad Groups to Ads to Campaign Settings (when in a single campaign), you have quick access to this information and you no longer have to click multiple times to dig your way in to the account. An awesome timesaver, I’d say.



5. Remember the ‘Account Snapshot’ in the Campaign Management tab? Well, say good bye to that old section, as it has been integrated in to the Campaign display window. You can change the metric you wish to display, or compare it with a second metric – all on the home screen!

Something I DON’T like – Unfortunately, it seems the comparison of the same metric over two different time periods has been removed from the charts, which was very useful as visual evidence of campaign changes, good and bad.

Unless I’ve missed it, of course. But I’ve not seen it in my searches. If it is there, please let us know!


6. One of my favorite changes has been the ‘quick-edit’ function for each individual bid amount, campaign budget, and ad group names, daily budgets, and language targeting to name but a few.

It’s a fantastic idea, and means less time clicking through the campaigns and ad groups making changes. Instead, when you hover over the amount, the text will be surrounded by a thin grey box, and you click on this to reveal the pictured blue “quick-edit” box.

I was absolutely giddy over the addition of this function. The check box beside each ad group and campaign is still there if you want to use it or make mass changes to multiple items, but it’s something that I’ve used less and less and a campaign runs because the passage of time means more information for each keyword and a tighter focus on those individual ads, keywords, and targets that are working well or poorly, depending on what you are looking for.

Google Adwords

I have also found a few bugs or changes that are not the best, but hopefully will change as the software moves out of beta.

One of the more noticeable bugs involves the font along the total line on the bottom of each page. The text is much larger than the available space on page, and you lose the last few figures in the money columns. The same goes for the titles of the columns. Text is too big or too wide for the allotted column and disappears underneath the column to it’s immediate right.

The full window also has yet to be adjusted to fit a user’s screen. I am currently in the Campaign view, and have lost the date range links and all three conversion columns off screen to the right. This could be related to the aforementioned issue of text not fitting properly in to the columns, and hopefully will be addressed as time goes on.

My Overall Thoughts

Overall, the new layout is a marked improvement over the old layout, though it will take some getting used to-much like any other website/software makeover does. The focus on faster functionality and easier access to all AdWords tools and sections is something I think all AdWords professionals will love, if not at first then definitely over time.

For those Adwords professionals out there, I hope you are enjoying the new interface.  Stay tuned for the final release coming soon and, of course another article from me!

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.
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Six Favorite Features of the New Google Adwords Interface

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